Daydreaming- how it can actually help you focus!

The benefits of daydreaming with some useful tips, information and advice.

Have you ever found yourself drifting off into peaceful daydream without permission? It sounds rather odd doesn’t it? One second you’re engaged and focussed and then the next your mind decides to politely excuse itself and take a little wonder into a gorgeous, restful, dreamy state – it’s wonderful! So enjoy it!
This is called “Natural meditation”. This is when your brain decides it has had quite enough of overload and is going to relax for a second whether you like it or not.

It’s effortless which means you are not trying to make anything happen – you just accept it and you welcome everything in such as natural feelings, thoughts and sensations. Your mind is open, your mind is yours and your mind is not bombarded with useless information. Not during natural meditation anyway! Sometimes we don’t allow ourselves the time and space we need to set ourselves free – so your mind (thank you very much) does it for you when it feels you need a well earned rest!

So the next time you find yourself drifting off, don’t try and fight it, just accept it.
Let go of your surroundings and do not worry about how you look – we are all entitled to daydream. Those dreamy moments count for a lot! They allow you to recollect and pick yourself back up again. It’s a spiritual need that the mind and body desire.

Here are a few things to consider under stressful circumstances.

Problem: You are in an interview or meeting the “in laws” and feeling ever so awkward because the person/ in laws interviewing you isn’t connecting with your aura whatsoever. Don’t worry; it’s bound to be from past life experiences.

Answer: Imagine a time where you felt like YOU. This could be with a friend or past lover, but whatever it was it was just YOU – a moment where you felt self confident and full of charm.. Hold that thought and see yourself in that past image as you speak.

Problem: There are too many things going on in your head, you can’t even focus on simple things such as getting your clothes organised for tomorrow.

Answer: Hand it over to spirit. Speak to God, speak to the Angels, speak to your personal guide. Explain to them that you need the weight lifted. If you do this with genuine sincerity then indeed your prayer will be answered miraculously. Remember, every one in spirit knows and understands your problems whether you want them to or not.

Here are some other ideas that can ease up pressure quickly and only takes minutes/seconds

• Look at a piece of art work
• Remove your watch or your shoes or anything that feels tight
• Smell something! Lavender is perfect –it’s naturally calming to the senses and is known for easing panic and anxiety
• Get a five minute reading from your favourite psychic
• Text a friend
• Carry a crystal in your pocket such as red jasper, which is perfect for anxiety
• Go outside and breathe in fresh air - look at the trees, trees are amazing!
• Stroke an animal, a cat! Animals have amazing healing qualities
• Think about Angels or Fairies or some place magical
• Think of someone that makes you happy

There you go! You feel full of beans!


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