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Have you ever felt more confident when wearing your lucky red shoes or red shirt? The energy of colour has a powerful effect on the human psyche. It can influence your subconscious to feel a certain way and attract the energy you need to you.

 Have you discovered the benefits of Feng Shui? Use this ancient esoteric technique to enhance your home and wellbeing.

Have you ever felt more confident when wearing your lucky red shoes or red shirt? The energy of colour has a powerful effect on the human psyche. It can influence your subconscious to feel a certain way and attract the energy you need to you. Because of this, colour is one of the most important tools of the mystical practice of feng shui. By learning the meanings behind colours in feng shui, you can unlock the healing energy and potential of colour in your home.

What is Feng Shui?

It is an ancient Chinese spiritual philosophy, linked to Taoism, which aims to harmonise you with your environment. You might be surprised to learn that, according to feng shui, the decoration of your home can have a negative or positive effect on your health, wealth, relationships, career and happiness. So the wrong colour drapes might spell trouble at work. But an auspicious colour on the walls of your living room could attract money! It is said to work by creating positive energy and enabling a harmonious flow of energy through your home. So choose the most auspicious feng shui colours for your home and create a better living environment in which to achieve your goals.

Feng Shui Colours

Feng shui is an extremely complex philosophy but colour is a simple way to access the technique. By using colour according to feng shui principles you can bring the energy of this ancient technique into your home to spark changes in your life.

Add power to the energy of feng shui colours by setting your intention for them. So as you use the new colours in your home, either by painting or adding new soft furnishings or ornaments - bring to your mind the effect you hope this colour will have in your home. Visualise it bringing in energy that will open new opportunities at work, or create a harmonious family life.


Red is the luckiest and most powerful colour in feng shui. It is the element of fire. Its bright intensity is thought to burn through stale energy and encourage the free flow of fresh, invigorating energy into your home. Use it when you want to kick-start change in your life.

Avoid using it in the bedroom as it may disturb rest.


Gentler than red but still bold and energetic, feng shui orange is the colour of smooth social interaction. Use it where you want to encourage conversation, creativity, laughter and fun.

Avoid using too much orange - a couple of cushions or ornaments will suffice - and avoid using it in rooms where you need to be calm or quietly concentrate.


If you are feeling low, yellow is the perfect feng shui shade to lift your spirits. Add a splash of this sunny colour with flowers, an ornament or a blanket. It's also said to enhance your intellect. So don't be afraid of using a little in your study or on your desk at work.

Yellow is stimulating, so avoid it if you want to feel calm.


The colour of nature, green is a powerful shade. Its energy is about balance and regeneration. So it is a healing colour. Great for soothing family dramas. It's also the colour of love, linked to your heart chakra. So it can help romantic relationships run smoothly, too. The colour of growth and abundance, green can bring rewards in your career and finances. It's a powerfully positive feng shui colour. So use touches of green everywhere in your home!


Soothing and calm, blue represents the openness of the sky and the sea. It's the colour of opportunity and growth. Use it to expand your career ideas or options. It can support health and bring a sense of peace. Use it in the bedroom and in the living areas. It's a great colour to have in the area of your home you use for spiritual practices.

Don't use too much blue, though, as its energy can become inward looking and anti social.


Purple connects you to your higher self. Use splashes of it around your home to remind you of your spiritual side. It can also help you make wise decisions. Have a purple ornament or flower on your work desk.

Avoid purple if you need to feel grounded.


A gentle, nurturing colour, perfect for the bedroom, or in living areas. This feng shui shade promotes an energy of romance, femininity and calmness. Use small splashes of pink all around your home, especially with soft furnishings like cushions and fabrics.


Another good shade to use in small touches all around your home. Brown symbolises the earth, so it is stabilizing, grounding and calming. Use all the varying tones of brown to create a living space that feels safe and comfortable.

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