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A look at the power of the sun and its influence on spirituality

The recent sunny weather we've been experiencing reminds us of the potency of the largest and most powerful celestial body in our solar system: the Sun. In ancient times, the idea of being a sun worshiper didn't mean topping up your tan, instead it was all about the sense of awe our ancestors felt for the Earth's main source of light and life. This blazing ball of fire has been revered for centuries for its life-giving powers and its impact is still recognised in modern spirituality in tarot and astrology.


Power of the Sun

Many cultures saw the Sun as a god who brought light, warmth and life to the Earth. The British pre-historic stone circle, Stonehenge, may have been built as a Sun calendar. Certainly, the ancients were dependant upon the Sun's rays to grow food for themselves and their animals.

The cycle of the coming of the Sun in the morning, its death (at sunset) and its resurrection the following day became an obvious basis for some early religions. Solar deities tend to be male, while Moon deities were goddesses, but there are some notable female Sun goddesses.

Take a look at some of the most significant Sun deities:


A Celtic goddess who signifies the first spark of life; she represents radiance, joy and brightness; her festival is on Midsummer’s Eve. She is also called the Fairy Queen.


A Japanese Shinto goddess whose name means 'shining heaven'. Her emblem of the red rising sun appears on the Japanese flag.


The powerful Greek god of prophecy, light and healing became associated with the Sun.


An ancient immortal creature called a titan who was the Greek embodiment of the Sun. Depicted as a radiant youth, Helios drove his chariot, the Sun, across the skies everyday. This offered a mythological explanation for the rising and setting of the Sun.


An Inca Sun god of ancient Peru; his festival in June marks the beginning of the planting season. He became known as the patron god of the Inca civilisation and its emperors claimed to be descended from him.


This Celtic god is called 'the shining one' and he is god of the first harvest. His feast day is commemorated as Lammas.


A powerful and prominent Egyptian Sun god, often depicted as a man with the head of a hawk, crowned with the Sun. Ra was the creator of humanity.


A Persian solar deity and god of light; his worship emerged at the same time as Christianity and it has some parallels.

Sun Symbols Today

Revealing the influence of the Sun on modern spirituality

The Sun tarot card

In the Rider-Waite deck, The Sun is a card in the Major Arcana. It is a positive and beneficial card to have in a tarot reading. The smiling image of the Sun sits at the top of the card, spreading light and optimism on the scene below. The child can symbolise your soul in its purity and innocence, while the white horse represents strength and stamina. The horse has no saddle or bridle, indicating that your conscious and subconscious are working in harmony. The orange flag is another symbol of your subconscious and the power of the Sun. The sunflowers represent life nourished by the light of the sun, fertility and creativity.

Key words:



Good fortune


Astrological Sun signs

In astrology, your sun sign gives a general overview of your personality. Your sun sign is determined by the astrological sign the sun was in at the moment of your birth. Your sun sign reveals the basis of your personality - it is your centre. Think of your sun sign as like the outline sketch for a picture, the colour and detail is added by the rest of your astrological chart. Your sun sign tells you where you feel most comfortable. For example, Cancer feels happiest at home, while Sagittarius is happiest travelling to new places. A sun sign can give you clues as to whether you will get along with another person but it is only one part of a much bigger astrological picture.

Harness the power of the Sun

The Sun is a spiritual power charger, use its strength if you are working with crystals. Charging your crystals in sunlight will make them more potent.

1) Cleanse your crystals under cold, running water. Hold them under the cold tap for a minute to remove residual energies.


2) Place them outside to dry on a sunny day. Natural, untreated crystals will not fade if you leave them in sunlight for a short time. Let them soak up the sun's rays for about 15 minutes then use your super-charged crystals as normal.


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