Discover the Mother Goddesses

Celebrate the various mother figures of our different spiritual belief systems.

The celebration of Mother's Day last week saw thoughts turn to female role models. The sacred mother is at the heart of every spiritual belief system. Being a mother requires a fine balance of strength and gentleness needed to nurture new life. Every religion reveals its own version of the sacred mother with these qualities shown in different measures. Some mother goddesses are awe-inspiring and require obedience, while others are nurturing and tender. But all are powerful, showing mortal mothers how to stand in their power with strength and compassion.

Use these different depictions of motherhood as inspiration to help you through life's tough spots. Pick the one who appeals to you the most and offer up a wish to her.

You could ask of your mother goddess:

*I wish for the strength I need to deal with a family crisis.

*I wish for the compassion I need to understand an opposing opinion.

*I wish to put the past behind me and trust I can make a better future.

Discover the Mother Goddesses

Earth Mother

The depiction of the mother in pre-history is of a voluptuous female figure found in carvings that are roughly 20,000 years old. It is likely she was revered as a fertility goddess - the source of life as all women are. She is the original earth mother. The Earth Mother comes from a time when men and women were equals in society and culture.

Turn to the Earth Mother: To connect to your personal power and to accept your femininity.


An awe-inspiring primal mother deity, Mut sparked the genesis of all life, according to the ancient Egyptians. Depicted wearing the crowns of the land of the Pharaohs, these powerful dynasties looked to Mut as the mother of the gods. Mut was said to have no mother herself, having always existed. Her symbol is the white vulture.

Turn to Mut: For the times you need to stand strong.



The Mother Earth of ancient Greek myth who has been adopted my many neo-Pagans as the great mother of all. The origin of life, she gave birth to the sky, the mountains and the sea. The Titans, precursors to the Olympian gods were also her children. She was abused by her first creation and husband Uranus (the sky) but her other children helped her to subdue him.

Turn to Gaia: If you need a fresh start; her powers of regeneration will help you create something new.


Mother of the harvest, who watched over the growth of crops and wellbeing of animals the success or failure of which meant life or death to ancient peoples. Embodying the cycle of life and fertility, Demeter had to endure a painful loss herself every year. According to legend, her beloved daughter Persephone was kidnapped by the god of the underworld and was condemned to live in his realm for half of every year. So when Demeter mourns the loss of her child, autumn and winter come to the earth.

Turn to Demeter: if you are trying to conceive or suffer with fertility problems.

The Spider Woman

Not a cartoon character but a mother goddess of Native American myth who exists at the centre of the universe spinning out her web that connects all creation.

Spider Woman teaches us that all living things are joined in her delicate web of life and every decision we make will impact someone or something.

Turn to Spider Woman: When you have a difficult choice to make.


A Norse goddess depicted as a wife and a mother. A wise and gentle guide, she uses her knowledge to lead people to the correct conclusion. Frigg is known as a protector of pregnant women and mothers.

Turn to Frigg: if you need a peacemaker and mediator in times of strife.


A fearsome Anatolian (part of Turkey) matriarch represented by the statue of a pregnant goddess seated on a lion-flanked throne. Associated with wild celebrations of the joy of life, Cybele was venerated by men and women alike.

Turn to Cybele: To re-discover the joy in your life.



Daughter of Gaia and Uranus, she was mother to the Olympian gods Zeus, Hera, Hades, Demeter and Poseidon. Rhea went to great lengths to save her children from their murderous father who swallowed all but Zeus, for fear of being usurped.

Turn to Rhea: if you need protection.

Asasa Ya

A West African earth goddess whose followers believe brings forth the springtime and who is entwined with the fertility of the land.

Turn to Assa Ya: to remind you there is always hope.


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