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Many of us may not own a pack of tarot cards as we may not understand how they work. Reading long books on tarot can be extremely tiring, almost like reading an instruction manual. But interestingly, what many psychics do when they buy their treasured tools is throw the book away! Just like a piece of art work, tarot cards are down to personal interpretation and are used to unlock the tangles that we find ourselves in offering us guidance for the future along with the ability to transform the way we think and feel.
You don’t even need to be an expert to gain a little clarity when you find yourself in a pickle. One of the basic steps for readings is learning how to relax so that we can investigate the meaning behind the card and also how that card relates to our personal circumstances.
Depending on your frame of mind you may find that the card you draw speaks to you immediately, whilst other times you could find yourself withdrawing from the meaning. If you decide to shut the meaning off, this may be due to a self denial or refusal to face up to what is really going on in your life.

Tarot cards come in so many different colours and designs there is no need to be frightened of what the images portray. For example, the Fey Tarot are an extremely welcoming pack, with bright colours and fascinating characters, they are extremely optimistic and will only advise you about what is going on in your life rather than puzzle you. If you are first time buyer then it is vital that you pick cards with images that are very clear.
The key is to study the wands, pentacles, cups and swords so that you gain a deeper insight behind the scenes of the images.
Wands – Work
Pentacles – Money
Cups – Love
Swords – Thoughts

Some of us are natural investigators and we have to know everything. Whereas others just like to take in the energy and image of the tarot and allow the information to flow.
If you decide to go ahead and buy your own tarot cards then be sure to have a good browse on line to ensure that you are buying the right cards for you. You will instantly know which ones are for you as people often describe the cards speaking to them through colour and image.
A good way to ensure that you purchase the right tarot deck could be to note down the sort of person you are, this way the tarot that you choose will be a mere reflection of your personality.
Here are some examples:

Deep and intense – The Mythic deck
Clear and simple – The Rider and Waites
Dreamy and imaginative – The Fairytale deck
Quirky and full of colour – The Fey Tarot deck
Romanic and nurturing – the Druid Craft Tarot deck
Passionate about the Angelic realms? – Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue
Once you have discovered your tarot deck it might be a good idea to bless your cards so that you instantly make a connection with them. You can simply to this by touching each one individually, lighting a bright candle or some incense and then holding them close to your chest and repeating your own special prayer such as:
“Dear Goddesses/ Gods or Spirit”
I wish to use these cards to give me a deeper insight into the future when I feel in need of guidance. I wish to turn away all negativity and ask that you protect both myself and the cards when I am reading for either myself or someone else”.


With love and light  x x 


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