Experience peace and harmony by altering your room

Hints and Tips about positive energies - Feng Shui and Si Chi.

Do you ever walk into a room and experience bad vibes? More importantly, do you walk into your own room and experience bad vibes? Strange sensations perhaps? Or a feeling that something isn’t quite right? It could be that you feel your own bedroom is low in energy. It may even look beautiful but you can’t seem to rest. According to the Chinese this could be Si Chi, which is a sort of low decaying energy; the sort of energy that feels lifeless and dying. Much of this can be changed around however depending on the objects you have and the space available to move things around. Sometimes when we move something into a different angle or space we begin to feel a lot more comfortable in the room, but much of it, is working out what is best for you.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of arranging, working and living in spaces that are harmonious. Working with that flow of the universal life force includes landscapes, buildings and rooms that have their own flow of energy. Feng Shui encourages blocked energies to move along quickly and freely by altering certain layouts . You can do this by seeking advice from a Feng Shui practitioner or there are a few things you can do yourself.

Here are some examples:

Think about objects in your bedroom – do you leave the TV on for longer than necessary?
Is your computer draining the room out?
Do you have any plants in your room? Plants are divine expressions of life and can help eliminate negative energies
Do you have any nice smells in your room? Perhaps try some oils or a nice air freshener?
Are there unnecessary objects standing in the way? Sometimes moving objects around can allow energies to flow better
Think about the objects near you bed – perhaps they are causing distraction when you sleep?
If you do have a lot of objects near your bed why not try moving them somewhere else in the room and placing some flowers or a crystal at your bedside instead? Then see how you feel in the morning, you may feel more energised or different in some way.

Good Feng Shui energies are peaceful spaces with very little or no electrical equipment.

If you feel there is a lot of negative energy in your room and don’t have lots of time, you can always try burning sage and letting the essence drift off into the areas you feel uncomfortable with. Remember that if you want to create positive, peaceful vibes in a room, you must feel balanced and harmonious within yourself too.



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