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A sparkling crystal just for you! Your birthstone is a gemstone linked to the month of your birth. Look to use your Birth stone to help unblock negative energies and give you a daily boost!

Birth Stones

Discover The Lucky Talisman Linked To Your Birth Month

A sparkling crystal just for you! Your birthstone is a gemstone linked to the month of your birth. The idea of birthstones is an ancient mystical tradition. In the Bible, Book of Exodus, the high priest Aaron has a breastplate containing 12 precious gemstones, representing the 12 tribes of Israel. In esoteric tradition, these crystals also came to represent the twelve months of the year and the 12 signs of the zodiac. So your birthstone has ancient origins.

Birthstones are magical talismans. Carry yours around for luck, protection and inspiration. Or place them on an altar at home, or use the to enhance rituals or intentions. Of course, you can always use crystals that are not your birthstone! Choose the most appropriate one for your intentions. But your birthstone has extra potency for you. So it's beneficial to add it to your crystal collection.

January: GARNET

From blood red to fiery orange to deep green, garnets come in a wide variety of colours. But they are all linked to the element of fire, which brings its bearer courage, inspiration and protection. Associated with the base chakra, garnets will ground you if you are feeling lost. Linked to this idea, garnets are said to bring protection if you are travelling. They also attract friendship to you.

February: AMETHYST

Whether delicate pink or saturated royal purple, amethyst is a powerful spiritual tool. This stone connects you to your higher self, sharpens your intuition and enhances your intellect. If you are just beginning to discover your spirituality, amethyst will help you unlock the right path and boost your psychic awareness.


The calm blue-green of this gentle-energy stone, suggests its esoteric connection to water. It cools hot tempers and soothes irrational emotions. It will help you to gently release any emotional baggage you are holding onto. It aids constructive communication, so you can make yourself heard. It gives you confidence to speak and express yourself.


This sparkling stone amplifies intentions. Linked to the Sun and the element of fire, diamond can be used in fertility rituals or to help you begin to feel comfortable with your sexuality. Put one under your pillow if you want to astral travel in your sleep, or use them in divination rituals. Diamonds used in rituals don't need to cost lots of money. You can get diamond chips or rough diamonds fairly inexpensively. You are using the energy of the diamond not its outward appearance - so it doesn't have to look flawless!


The dazzling green stone of Venus, emerald energy brings love into your life. Viewed as a talisman of good fortune and protection it will strengthen your emotionally to face whatever life throws your way. An emerald is an uplifting stone which applies to your emotions, your relationships and your career.


The magical iridescence of a pearl reflects the energy of wisdom that emanates from this lustrous natural material. Associated with the Hindu god, Krishna, wear a pearl to help guide you towards the right decision. Expect to learn important life lessons with the energy of a pearl. You'll begin to see both sides of the story. Pearls are also very protective stones so carry one to feel protected. Pearls appear in the magic and folklore of a number of different cultures.

July: RUBY

Passionate red ruby will give you the drive and determination to conquer your fears and move forward in life. Use ruby to overcome fears, heartache or grow personal power. Ruby is a powerfully protective stone, especially against negative energy, so carry or wear it in times of stress. Wear ruby if you're dealing with a difficult person as it will give you the courage to be heard.


Bright, lime green peridot will put a spring in your step, raising your spirits with its zingy energy. Known as a stress reliever, peridot soothes and uplifts while also attracting positive energy to you. Stop bad dreams by popping a peridot under your pillow to encourage sweet dreams. Peridot cleanses and purifies, it keeps your emotions balanced and can help you understand your destiny.

September: SAPPHIRE

Blue is the most sought after hue of sapphire, linking them to the element of water and to purity. This stone has a very strong energy which can protect you from any bad intentions directed at you. Sapphires can connect you with your spirit guide and aid in your search for knowledge. Sapphire signifies love and loyalty.


The many colours of tourmaline mean this gemstone has lots of purposes. In general, it can be thought of a stone of courage, helping you to forge ahead in life to reach your dreams. It can make you more aware of the needs and feelings of other people, increasing your empathy.

November: TOPAZ

Topaz is the success stone. It can help you recognise in which direction to move to achieve your ambitions. Linked to the Egyptian Sun god, Ra, topaz lights the way to a sparkling future. It can also protect you from the fallout of malicious gossip and rumours, shielding you from the bad intentions of others.


Turquoise will help you open your mind and your heart to new ideas that could revolutionise your world. Sacred to the Native Americans, turquoise is used to sharpen intuition and discover spiritual wisdom. Linked to the throat chakra, this stone will help you find your voice and give you the confidence to express your ideas.


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