How can I get more involved in holistic/psychic matters?

Some useful information to help you expand on your spiritual journey

England is one of the most spiritual and historical places with thousands of stories to be told alongside magical insights and inspirations. Throughout our daily lives we may see famous paintings, read spiritual texts or hear about miraculous stories that were once told long ago.

Sometimes when we allow ourselves to soak up spiritual or historical information we may begin to notice a familiar trail of thought, that perhaps we too have experienced the same thing or have thought the same thing without realising.

With so many books and cards promoting such positive affirmations and experiences these days it can be incredibly hard not to get involved. However, it’s not always easy knowing how to get involved or how to develop our understanding of what we believe. You may wish to join a psychic circle, take up a new class or go on that retreat you have always wished for. With such an overwhelming directory of information  on the internet the following ideas may well help you and give you a kick start.

Read on, you never know where it might lead you!

The London College of Psychic Studies

[1]It can be a daunting experience not to say a courageous one when we allow ourselves to open our cosmic portals of higher learning. The psychic college of studies is the perfect place to go if you are thinking about moulding your abilities into shape. The college was founded in 1884 and is considered the beacon of light and learning. It is also said to be one of the oldest establishments that keep in touch with new developments and educational methods. Individuals are able to study at their own pace and develop their own sense of awareness and spiritual insight. Many courses offer a personal journey of investigation which includes:
·         Meditation
·         Energy Work
·         Introductory Courses
·         Art and Divination
·         Psychic Development
·         Trance
·         Healing

The White Eagle Lodge

[2]The White Eagle Lodge is a non-profit making, non-proselytising organisation, and has great respect for all religions and spiritual groups. The ‘White Eagle’ itself is a symbol of spiritual vision, and was founded in 1936, was set up in order to bring to ordinary people the vision of the spiritual life in which we live, and which gives us life. Overall the White Eagle teaches that love works, because it is the power and wisdom behind all, and also how to bring that love to bear in all our ordinary, daily encounters. The temples of the White Eagle go world wide and are beautiful and full of peace. You can also go for free healing at the White Eagle and take advantage of the retreats that they offer.

Psychic Circles

Psychic circles are a great way to connect with different energy vibrations. They are also a great opportunity for experimentation, raising awareness within your own psyche. Many people that come away from psychic circles are shocked with just how much they picked up on. Hidden powers and instincts often emerge in a way we had never contemplated when working with higher vibration energies. If you google psychic circles in your local area you are bound to find something. You could even join your local spiritual church and see what they have to offer. 

Sometimes just by being a part of the atmosphere in a strong spiritual setting can help you to link in with your own energy and gifts. You could even consider setting up your own psychic circle group for those that want to learn with you. It is vital that you find the correct space and lighting, usually somewhere that isn’t personal to you, like your home.

Renting a peaceful space or room could be ideal as this will also allow you to connect in peace and quiet. You should make your setting friendly and relaxed, letting go of any expectations, as these can drown the atmosphere and instead create a superficial one. It is also important to make sure that you pull people in that you feel comfortable and relaxed with. If you are attending a circle by yourself for the first time then be sure to ground and protect yourself before you go, mentally asking for people with whom you can form a solid connection with. Remember the key is relaxation.

Psychic Events

Getting involved in psychic festivals and events is a fun and exciting way to find out what makes you tick. Even if it is just a trip to Avebury or Glastonbury there is bound to be something refreshing about the trip that allows you the time to reflect and think about your spirituality and what it means to you.
[3]Every Summer, a Mind, Body and Spirit festival takes place, giving you the opportunity to meet more liked minded people and find out about new opportunities, alternative technology, spirituality, personal growth, best selling authors and many more.

The Mind Body Spirit Festival takes place in London and Brighton. The Festival was founded in 1977 by Graham Wilson who had a desire to help people to discover the spirit from within. This is the perfect place to go if you are a spiritual seeker as there are safe places for you to commune alongside sharing your ideas on your spirituality and philosophy.

You will also find access to books and products that you have taken an interest in and there is also the opportunity to find out about future shows. Spiritual events and festivals are always exciting places to be as there is always something new to learn and absorb. You may well find a new path or avenue to walk down and the event could even reveal something about you that you never even knew existed!

Happy searching!
With love and light x x x 


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