Is being psychic a blessing?

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Many of us are fascinated by people who are psychic. Even if you are psychic yourself you still feel inspired by other people’s visions and belief systems. Psychics are usually very sensitive people and gifted in many other ways too, for example many psychics use their ability to receive information in artistic forms such as writing stories or painting spiritual art where they are able to draw the person they are seeing in their minds eye.

We never know what to expect from a psychic as they don’t always bring to us what we want to hear and from a psychic’s perspective this can be a huge frustration. A good psychic will always tell you what you need to know and not what you “want to know”. Sometimes psychics even receive information that they do not know how to express, not because it is necessarily bad but because it is so surprising and unique not to mention random.

For example, a psychic may be able to sense what you were doing before you made the phone call or visit to them, they may also see your past or pick up on intense feelings you might be carrying. Some psychics can even see into your house or office environment and pick up on specific characterises of those around you. So possessing “clear sight” can be a blessing in many different ways as not only does it give you the ability to see the world from a variety of different angles but it also provides you with a knowledge that assists others leading them onto a path of their own enlightenment . Psychics serve others in such a powerful way that it often leaves the enquirer feeling stronger, more in touch with their intuition and able to deal with day to day stresses and strains.

Most people know that they have an issue that needs to be confronted when going to see a psychic therefore any news and information they receive is often expected. The overall gift of a psychic in this case is being able to shed light on the situation at hand. What a psychic does is open up new doors – you don’t have to walk through all of them, but at least you know they are there. We don’t always see doors when our minds are closed, but psychics are there to help you see what is ahead.

Being psychic also means helping others to avoid cycles that are no good for them. They can also make you more aware of the people around you, advising you of who is good for you and who isn’t, what types of energies are attracted to you and which ones aren’t. They are also able to help you work out your own psychic abilities and they often have vast amounts of knowledge on what crystals will work for you, what colours can help to enhance your mood and what tools will be best for you spiritually.

They can also give you specific details about your senses such as “clear seeing” or “clear hearing”. Even if you feel you don’t know what to talk about when calling a psychic for the first time they will automatically be able to put you at ease or provide you with some insight as to why you may be feeling a little lost. Psychics enjoy helping others and although they often find themselves in overwhelming, emotional positions they are truly rewarded when they know that they have helped someone else find their way forwards in life.

Reasons why being psychic is a blessing:

Being in touch with the rhythms of the universe:

Despite technology and media pressure we are all creatures of nature. Many animals are psychic and can often sense danger before it happens, they know where to hide and they know how others are feeling. They can pick up specific smells and also know when someone is untrustworthy. A psychic tends to work in the same way which allows them to help themselves and those around them.

Being creative:

Many psychics have a gift for helping others create what they want to create as they are able to put people at ease. When we let go we are able to create magical things such as emotional warmth or inspiration, we see things we wouldn’t normally see because we are at ease. We feel good about ourselves because the psychic has given us a deeper insight into ourselves, therefore we feel more able to just get on with things and create the things that we really want rather than feeling stagnated in self doubt or frustration.

Passing on good vibes:

When we are touched by a psychic we feel as if we are special and that we have received part of their gift which automatically enhances our own spiritual awareness encouraging us to pass on good vibes to those around us who may also be in need of encouragement.


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