Patience and Time

How to slow down and accept time for time!

Imagine a world where there is no fight against time, no panicking and no fretting over when your partner is going to call you. If we kept patience in our pockets and let go of niggling frustrations we might feel more inclined to try out new things. Living with an inner peace and tranquillity can stop us from acting out of aggressive impulse and it may well lead the way to a more fulfilling lifestyle, but first of all we have to become consciously aware of what makes us feel peaceful and most of all what makes us feel patient!

Many accidents occur due to an impatience and many words get spoken due to an unwillingness to step back and trust time. We all know it is impossible to push time ahead and yet we complain that life is so short. Is it any wonder that so many things pass us by? Being at peace and accepting patience is instinctively knowing and trusting that everything is as it should be.

How many times have you regretted saying or doing something due to a lack of patience? If we had perhaps stopped for one minute to think about our actions then perhaps we wouldn’t have fallen out with our best friend or perhaps we wouldn’t have hit the car in front of us? Some of us our blinded by our own restlessness and impatience to get there first, if we don’t get there first we worry that time is going to pass us by in some way but what many of us fail to acknowledge is that sometimes not doing anything is the best cause of action and silence speaks louder than reacting to an irritating text message or voicemail. If we allow ourselves to step back from the riot that has been provoked through miscommunication than surely it will allow others the space and time to deal with their own issues first.

Waiting for time to heal situations however can be a very frustrating process to say the least! And much of it is finding ways to deal with time and perhaps gain an understanding of why it is there. Interestingly many philosophers have proposed that the passage of time is just an illusion, suggesting that only the present is real. It is our conscious perception of events that gives the feeling of the present and therefore the future is said to be a mental construct patterned on the memory experience of the past. The concept of time then emerges as our mind tries to make sense of the world which is constantly changing. This can be one of the reasons why many of us lack patience, due to constant changes that we sometimes feel we are failing to keep track of.

But perhaps our lack of patience seems to stem from a fear of the unknown, the fact that we are so desperate to discover new things and get things done. Some people deal with their fears better than others, whilst others have a stronger sense of urgency, and in particular females. We all tend to work with our body cycles and spiritual instincts, sometimes impatience pays off as it urges you to get things done but living life in a repetitive hasty manner is bound to lead to disaster.

Not being able to make any time for yourself and reflect is another mistake that leads to impatience and the result will end in uncertainty and a reluctance to counteract inner tension. However, with technology moving so fast it can be hard to teach ourselves let alone our children the gift of time and waiting. Some of us find it impossible to wait for a kettle to boil or a client to ring, we can not resist temporary fixes to ease our patience but what if we did? Then what?

Would we perhaps feel more in control of ourselves? Would we feel more connected to the universe? And would we also trust the concept of time a little more? Perhaps to accept that we have no control of time is the first step, but that we can use it to the best of our ability by being a little more methodical and constructive. In order to “flow with the time” you have to make it work for you and turn it around in your favour! Ultimately, time is there to keep us sane.

Here are some things you can perhaps start with:

Ten seconds

Too many of us do things in a haste and then end up regretting our actions. For example, slamming our foot down in the car and then getting caught speeding. As soon as you feel the urge to lose patience simply stop. Take ten seconds allowing yourself to become aware of your destructive thought process. Notice your breathing, notice your body language and anything else for that matter as within that time you could have saved yourself a huge fine!

Manage your time

It may seem silly to build up a rota for yourself or even a pie chart of the things that need attention first in your life, but believe it or not, much of our anguish stems from the fact that we have bad organisation skills! The only person who is going to organise you is you!

Create something beautiful everyday

Say something beautiful or do something that represents beauty to you. Reading a poem, going for a walk, buying some new flowers for the kitchen table or reading something that inspires you. Our time never feels wasted if we feel we have done at least one thing that is precious to us.

You’ll be amazed by the results!

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