Soul Symbols

A look at different spiritual soul symbols and what they stand for.

In the hustle of everyday life, it's easy to forget about your spiritual side. Visible reminders of spirituality have been used by cultures across the globe for thousands of years. You can tap into this ancient wisdom to keep yourself mindful of your spirituality. Soul symbols represent aspects of your spirituality which still hold resonance today. Specific symbols were used to keep a person mindful of life beyond the physical world. Soul symbols were also used to deepen spiritual connections and to focus the mind on parts of the personality which need nurturing.

Choose the soul symbol below which most resonates with you. Print out an image of it to display at home, or buy it as an ornament or piece of jewellery to wear. These symbols are intended to be a constant reminder of your connection to the Divine.




The beautifully iridescent scarab - or dung beetle as it is rather less appealingly named - was an important soul symbol for the ancient Egyptians. This diligent little creature represents new beginnings and the unfolding of a fresh chapter in your life. It can symbolise the start of new life in the physical sense also - the birth of a baby or the recovery from illness. The outstretched wings of this insect represent its powerfully protective charm. Wear your scarab as an amulet or a brooch if you are making changes in your life.

Key Words: Transformation; renewal; protection.


2) BEE

This hardworking fuzzy insect symbolised much more than the delicious taste of honey to the ancient Greeks. The bee represents the soul and it was thought to be the connection between the spirit world and the physical world. Bees are associated with wisdom, industriousness and perseverance. Wear a bee brooch when you need the strength to continue or to push yourself to go that extra mile. Bees are a reminder that you are always connected to the spirit world and all your loved ones who have gone ahead. A bee ornament in your place of work may encourage a team spirit and a hard-working attitude!

Key Words: Wisdom; spirituality; team work.



The shiny surface inside certain shells is called mother of pearl. It is a coating made from the same natural substance that forms pearls. Search for a shell that contains mother of pearl and display it in your home. This is said to represent the strength of the feminine aspect - nurturing and creative. The curved, enclosed shell symbolises hidden soul knowledge. So by having this symbol at home you are signifying your desire to open up to your spirituality. The softly shimmering shell also represents love and happiness in marriage. Place the shell in your living room to promote matrimonial harmony.

Key Words: Feminine; nurturing; love.



The twisting, turning shape of the labyrinth contains one path that leads to its centre and back out again. The path of the labyrinth symbolises your journey to the heart of your psyche or soul. Labyrinths can be tools for meditation and introspection -allowing you to think deeply upon the actions and knowledge you need to perform to reach your highest good. This spiritual journey is reflected in the ancient Greek tale of Theseus and the Minotaur. The hero Theseus saved his people by finding his way to the centre of the Labyrinth on Crete, with the help of the King's daughter, and slaying the monstrous Minotaur at the Labyrinth's heart.

Key Words: Soul journey; insight; transformation.



The Mayan civilisation believed a serpent was the link between this world and the spirit world and their ceremonies invoked visions of the serpent. For later cultures the snake was a contradictory symbol meaning both life and death; male and female; light and dark. As the snake sheds its skin, so it is believed that this creature can represent the letting go of past hurts, regrets or disappointments. The snake is a symbol that can help you dispense with the past and undergo regeneration, leaving you free to face the future without the weight of past burdens.

Key Words: Spirit world; regeneration; the past released.



Feathered creatures have been considered divine messengers in many belief systems, from the gentle dove of Christianity to the soaring condor of the Aztecs. So birds are thought of as a strong link to your spirituality. Symbolically, birds bring new ideas and fresh ways of thinking. A picture of a bird in flight on your wall may encourage your mind to soar to new heights. Birds are adept at communicating, so they are potent symbols for writers, artists, teachers, sales people, or anyone with a message to convey.

Key Words: The Divine; communication; new ideas.



The brightly coloured butterfly symbolises the idea of the soul made physical in many cultures. Its evolution from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly signifies the soul's journey into enlightenment. Beautiful and fragile, the butterfly also serves as a reminder of the fragility of human existence and the notion that this life is only the beginning of your journey.

Key Words: the soul; transience; spiritual transformation.


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