Spiritual New Year's Resolutions

A look at some alternative resolutions for the new year.

The New Year is a New Start

The start of a new year is a time most people use to reflect on their lives and aim to make big changes. People start off the year on the 1st of January with good intentions, optimistically making any number of new rules for themselves with the aim of being healthier, happier, or a better person, with fewer vices. However, every year most new year’s resolutions are broken, simply because people expect too much of themselves, too quickly.

The usual resolutions such as giving up smoking or drinking, or trying to lose weight, can often seem more of a burden than something to look forward to achieving. We have come up with a few suggestions for some more spiritual and uplifting resolutions to try for 2014.

Spiritual New Year's Resolutions

Keep a gratitude journal
Once a day, write down all the good things that have happened to you, and what you are grateful for. This is a great way to start focusing on the good things in your life, rather than the bad, as can often happen.

Make new habits
Most resolutions focus on giving up old habits. Instead of focusing on the negative, and what you should stop, think rather about what you can start. Find new ways to open up your mind and your heart, and feed your soul.

Take up Yoga/Meditation
One new habit you could start is yoga, or meditation. Life can often be hectic and stress builds up without us realising it. Taking some time out of your busy day, even if it’s just five or ten minutes, to sit and relax, can make a lot of difference. It is the perfect time to sit and take stock of your life and reflect on what is going on around you. A little bit of time to clear your head can make challenging things much easier to deal with.

Have a clear out
Don’t wait until spring to have a clear out; the new year is the perfect time to declutter, and get rid of things you no longer need. This could be a literal clear out, such as items in your house that you no longer need, or it could be a metaphorical one; you could take this opportunity to let go of people or situations that are no benefit to you, and are holding you back. Let go of the past, and look towards the future.

Spend more time with loved ones
We’re all guilty of sometimes neglecting those we love, and relying on social media to stay in contact. However, nothing beats spending quality time with somebody you have missed, so put down your phone and go and see those people who are special to you.


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