Thought for the day -The Star

The Star Card - our wishes and dreams

Everyone is grateful when the Star shows up in a reading as it is considered one of the luckiest cards in the deck. It echoes our wishes and our dreams. It gleams with optimism and offers healing to us and hope. It is a burst of inspiration just like the start itself and it’s ruler in the deck is Aquarius.

On most tarot cards The Star will represent a female who is often naked, signifying purity in the sense that she has stripped away the baggage that she no longer needs and is now prepared to follow the path of enlightenment.

It’s time to leave old patterns and face the light that we have been hiding within. You may have just met a new friend or perhaps a lover? Perhaps you are starting a new course? Whatever you have chosen to do the Star will lead you to your destination but you must start by lighting the fire yourself.

You can be sure to find relief from this card, even if it is upside down in a reading, it doesn’t matter the card is so positive you can always be sure to find something fruitful.

Interpretations of the Star Card:

Business – Are you trying to balance things and finding it hard? Don’t worry; there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Do you want to expand? Now is the time.

Love – Sick of being single? Something might just be round the corner.
Worried about your marriage? A miracle could be on the way.

Family – Tired of petty arguments? Something will be agreed and work out in everyone’s favour.
Lost a connection with someone close? The Star may well bring you back together.

Things to think about with The Star

What are my dreams and wishes right now?
Do I believe in myself enough?
Do I have the power to turn something negative into something positive?

“He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.”

Leonardo da Vinci


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