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Do you ever feel to shy to speak up? Confused? Or just generally blocked?
Even if you are suffering from a lack of inspiration it could well be that the problem is your throat chakra! It could be blocked! The throat chakra is blue in colour and is associated with listening, intuition and following set goals in life. When we are in tune with our throat chakra and it is balanced we will often feel grace or abundance and a sense of freedom in that we can both give and receive unconditional messages.

So if you are continuously working with spirit the throat chakra is very important. When your throat chakra is completely clear communication is reciprocal rather than just one way and you should also find that it is easier to make connections with those around you. We might feel more confident within ourselves too noticing that our mobile phones are constantly ringing, emails are overflowing and neighbours stop to talk to us.
What is also important about the throat chakra is that it protects us and guides us when we find ourselves in difficult or overwhelming situations where communication needs careful consideration. The throat chakra also connects to creativity, general fulfilment and peace of mind. From a spiritual point of view the throat chakra assists you with passing on messages and represents the matrix in which physical reality manifests. It’s very easy to confuse thoughts and emotions but a well tuned throat chakra will aid you and support you.
Whenever we communicate we are letting some form of barrier down and we are also expressing to the outside world what we feel from within, expression can come in many different forms, not just verbal. For example, artistry or even body movement and physical activity can all be considered as communication and if we want to be heard correctly then our throat chakras must be balanced in full or we could run the risk in giving out the wrong signals, and this is why so many of us get caught up in the wrong company, express the wrongs words or sign contracts that we really wish we hadn’t. If we are out of synch and not in touch with our throat chakra then it is  very common to experience charlatans, run ins with people we rather wouldn’t see or petty arguments with loved ones.
If you want to stay in tune with your throat chakra there are some simple steps that you can follow:
An exercise for balance:
(This exercise is particularly good if you are a singer, public speaker, or know that you have to give a speech). It can also be of huge benefit when you are struggling with words in general or having difficulty in striking up a conversation.)
First imagine that you have a beautiful blue ball of light around your throat. Now focus really hard on that light and imagine that you are expanding it out into the room, as wide as you possibly can.
Breathe in and out slowly, expanding the light as you exhale, see your throat as being easy, relaxed an open. Now see the flow of your words and thinking and imagine how easy it is for thoughts to come and go and also how easy it is for words to enter into your head. Once you are relaxed you can think, feel and say anything!
To release blockage:
This may seem like a ridiculous thing to do but push aside your abilities and simply forget about how good or how bad you sound and instead sing your heart out. What this does is break barriers that you don’t need and gives you the opportunity to warm those vocals up so that you can express words confidently and calmly. If you find this hard to do then imagine a time where you really let yourself go and spoke your mind perhaps, even if you found yourself creating a dramatic scene you will have no doubt felt a lot better after your outburst, clearer in the mindset and more able to move on with your tasks, rather than feeling closed in and blocked. If you really can’t stand the thought of singing then why not try and speak louder in order to clear the air waves? It has been recognised that 90% of positive communication is not actually the words that you speak, or how well they are expressed but more how you to choose to express them, so we are thinking body language here and the tones and expressions in our speaking.
Wear blue and visualise blue!
Blue is the colour of the throat chakra and blue also represents the colour of truth and integrity. It is simply clarity. Blue is also very calm and very cool! As it instantly makes you feel relaxed. You may have come to notice that public speakers always look relaxed during their speeches and many of them choose to follow breathing/visualising techniques.

Wearing something blue can put you in the right frame of mind, or you may wish to collect certain gemstones to help you. Blue lace agate is the perfect stone to assist you with calmness or any turquoise stone. So look out for blue or turquoise gemstones as they are all connected to communication. Remember also, that the throat chakra connects to all sorts of communication, not just voice and carrying such stones can also aid with audio, listening to others and our abilities to take in information and absorb it.

By visualising and wearing blue you are also asking for honesty in all situations as blue cuts to the core of the matter and relaxes us in such a way that we begin to feel comfortable in releasing the weights that may be fracturing our minds. So remember this if you are trying to get information out of someone! A blue stone can help ease tension. You will also find that once you have focused enough on your throat chakra it will pulsate positive harmonious energy that will enable you to work with true, inspirational, genuine, honest people!

With love and light  x x x 


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