Do you have psychic abilities?

How do you know if you possess psychic abilities?


Many people have a touch of psychic sixth sense without being aware of it. Do you think of yourself as a perceptive person? Perhaps friends often ask you for advice because you always seem to suggest the best course of action? Well, it could be that you have some psychic ability. This simply means that you are able to see beyond what is in front of you; beyond the physical realm. Being psychic is not a magical power; it's merely a sense that has not yet been explained or verified by science. Like many talents your psychic sixth sense will become stronger the more you use it.

Here are some examples of when your psychic sense is working.

1) Connection to loved ones

Everyone feels linked to their loved ones but when that connection goes beyond normal knowing, you may be clairsentient. Being clairsentient means that you have a 'sense of knowing' for example, when loved ones are in trouble or when they are going through situations of heightened emotion, you pick up on their emotions, psychically.

Your Psychic Signs

  • You think of a particular person, then you receive a phone call or email from that person
  • You feel compelled to contact a particular person - then you discover they are going through a stressful time
  • You see a vision of a person you love in your mind's eye or hear their voice in a dream

2) Seen it before?

Deja vu is the sense that you've experienced something before - when you know to have done so would be physically impossible. So, for example, if you visit a building that you are certain you've never see before but it feels familiar - this is deja vu. While you might experience a sense of deja vu when asking your partner to take out the dustbins - this most certainly not psychically related...

Your Psychic Signs

  • Looking around an old church or stately home you get the sense you've been here before - but not in this life time
  • A place/a person/a conversation sparks memories or seems familiar even though there's no rational reason for this

3) Is it a Coincidence?

The world is alive with psychic symbols to those who are able to see them. Psychics pay attention to recurring numbers, letters or colours rather than assuming a repeated symbol is just a coincidence. Seeing psychic signs is sometimes indicative of your sixth sense awakening.

Your psychic signs

  • You constantly see the same pattern of numbers on clocks, car radios, computers, or the television
  • You read a story in the news in which somebody is facing the same dilemma you were just thinking about

4) Prophetic Dreams

Are your dreams particularly vivid or lucid? If they involve situations that afterwards seem to come true then you may be experiencing psychic dreams. Tales of prophetic dreams have been recorded throughout history; many are centred around catastrophic events such as natural disasters or human atrocities, as if psychic energy was being focussed and then picked up upon by people sensitive to it.

Your Psychic Signs

  • You vividly remember most of your dreams each night
  • Events unfold in your dreams that later occur in life

5) Psychic Touch

The fascinating ability of being able to sense the residual energy left on an object is called psychometry. People who are sensitive in this way can hold an object and receive images or have a sense of knowing about the object's owner. Psychometry psychics might be able to sense past events or emotions connected to an object.

Your Psychic Signs

  • When you come into contact with a personal object, such as a ring, a coat or a pen you get an overwhelming feeling of sadness/happiness/fear for no rational reason
  • If you hold an object you begin to get pictures in your mind - like a story of events in somebody else's life

6) Future Predictions

Do friends and family value your advice because you always seem to have the right answers? You find yourself with a sense of knowing what will happen in certain situations. Your psychic sense allows you glimpses of the future - although what you have to say might not always be welcomed.

Your Psychic Signs

  • You have the ability to foresee what might happen in a situation you know nothing about - and your advice turns out to be correct
  • People often turn to you when they need an insightful opinion

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