What do numbers mean?

Some information on the study of numbers that may intrigue you!

It may be strange to think of numbers as having specific meanings but if we think back to times where we have avoided a situation because of a number or picked our “lucky number” the actual experience of counting and dodging or hoping to land on a certain number can be quite phenomenal. For example, we may count to a certain number before losing our temper or we may pick a certain line of numbers when we do the lottery each time or we may even pick a certain seat number at the cinema because we believe it to be lucky.

Interestingly the study of numbers was popular amongst early mathematicians, such as [1]Pythagoras of Samos an ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician who believed that because mathematical concepts were more "practical" (easier to regulate and classify) than physical ones, they had greater actuality. Numbers have also supported the divine and the mystical – the study of numerology itself and although the study of numbers has a long history the actual word “numerology” was not recorded in English before c.1907.

Today numerologists believe that there is a “vibrational” link between number and matters that physically affect our universe, scientists tend to go against the idea that numbers have meaning but the actual idea of numerology is that  each number, date and name can be represented by numbers 1-9 which are called “the numerological numbers” it is then words which are translated in the language that casts these number patterns and symbols. The accuracy of numerology is said to be outstanding and uncanny given that certain events take place in our life as we are approaching a particular life path number.

For example, the life path is the sum of the birth date which can then be calculated against each year we pass which then gives you the life path number you are walking each year. Your actual life path number represents who you are at birth along with native traits and characteristics. The most important number is the Life Path Number which always describes the nature of your journey through life. It is easy to discover your life path number, all you need is your name and date of birth and this can either be calculated for free on line or by a numerologer.

How it works

The life path is calculated by taking first the day, month and year to arrive at a total, next you reduce the four digit number to a single digit. Therefore if a person was born 24 June 1980 (06-24-80) add the month 6 to the day 24 plus the year of 1980 which will arrive at the figure 2010
To reduce 2010 to a single digit you then need to add:

2+0+1+0 = 3

Which would give you the life path number of 3 which speaks about the “creative child”
Once you have discovered your life path number you may be interested to read about the sort of life path you are taking. Here are the life path numbers:
1 - Leadership , creativity, ego and self
2 - Empathy, cooperation, oversensitivity and spiritual
3 - Artistic expression, sociable, friendly
4 - Practical, grounded, stable , repressed
5 - Freedom, travel, hardship, inconsistent , risk taker
6 - Love, responsibility, nurturing, understanding and caring
7 - Spiritual, wisdom, philosophy, mental analysis
8 - Material success, business potential, power, manipulative
9 - Genius, romantic, artistic expression
11 - Intuitive, idealist, hypersensitive, fanciful and dreamy
22 - Practical, clever, scheming, idealistic
The Master Numbers
It is important to be aware of Master Numbers as they carry a specific meaning. People with Master Numbers are often gifted or spiritual in some way and can also be great leaders in life.
The key with numerology is to remember that all numbers are reduced down to a single unit. For example 26 is reduced to 8 as 2+6 = 8 and so on. So if you have and 11 or 22 it is then that we need to focus a little as these are then the Master Numbers. Because Master Numbers have special gifts their life paths are often very challenging and paradoxical to the extent that they feel as if they are walking through a blizzard or constantly hitting brick walls in life – their purpose is often very geared towards spiritual growth and people often have a very hard time trying to understand Master Numbers – they are complex, artistic, spiritual and authentic.
Once you have conquered which life path number you are, you may find it useful to read around as much as possible as it will give you a feel for why you make certain decisions or can help you to gain clarity over why your life has fallen in a certain direction, or why you are attracted to certain hobbies, skills or people.
Another interesting tactic is to study numbers in general. Look out for numbers at work, as you may begin to notice a particular number that consistently props up. You might also like to pay attention to house numbers or other peoples’ birth dates. House numbers can play a significant role. For example if you were to live at the number 8 this could suggest that a solid grounding for work and business must be formed before any thought of moving from the property. If you were to move into a house with the number 4, then you would know that you would be extremely stable as fours are the most stable numbers, they are fixed like a cube with four solid sides. On the whole the study of numbers is a fascinating journey that all of us can dip in and out of whenever we feel like it!

Enjoy your discoveries !

With love and light  x x x

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numerology


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