10 Ways to tell if your date is your Soulmate!

Take some of the stain out of dating with our guide to spotting a soulmate connection on the very first date. So you can avoid those dating disasters and instead make a beeline for your happy ever after!

Find out if you could have a lasting romantic connection.


If you're looking for lasting love you have to get out there and meet new people. But dating can be an emotional minefield as you try to work out if your prospective partner could be a good match for you. Take some of the stain out of dating with our guide to spotting a soulmate connection on the very first date. So you can avoid those dating disasters and instead make a beeline for your happy ever after!

1. You have a strong connection

From the moment you start talking to your date, you both feel comfortable. That's a very good sign! Having an emotional and intellectual connection is the biggest sign you are meant to be together. Watch out, though! Because it's easy to mistake lust for a connection. Finding someone very physically attractive doesn't mean you have a soulmate connection. There's nothing wrong with being in lust with somebody, but it's unlikely to turn into a happy ever after romance. Soulmates are a meeting of the mind, spirit and emotions.

2. Your core values are the same

If you and your date have similar backgrounds and views on life - you're off to a promising start. Your soulmate will share your life values and beliefs, making you the perfect match. Of course you won't agree on everything - that would be weird! But on the big questions of life you will think the same.

3. You can be honest

Relaxed, open and honest: those are the hallmarks of a soulmate connection. So if you feel comfortable telling your date the truth about your thoughts and emotions, he or she might be the one for you. As your relationship progresses, you find you can both tackle sensitive issues head-on, to find a solution that suits you both. Emotions are expressed rather than repressed in a soulmate relationship.

4. You sense his/her emotions

The really cool thing about a soulmate date is that you connect on a deeper level. You might not usually be the sensitive type but all of a sudden you feel in tune with this person's emotions. So if you have the feeling of 'knowing' what your date is thinking or feeling it, without your date making it obvious - you probably have a soulmate connection.

5. Your date is respectful

You can spot a potential soulmate by the way they treat you. A soulmate will never be disrespectful in words or actions to you - or anybody else. So if your date seems like an all-around respectful person, you're off to a good soulmate start!

6. Your sixth sense kicks in

You meet your date for the first time - but it feels like you've met before. You're both absolutely certain you've never met before, yet you have the uncanny feeling that you do know this person. Provided you're both telling the truth, this is a very good sign! Because a feeling of 'knowing' somebody is your sixth sense kicking in to say you might have a past life connection with this person. This could bode well in the soulmate stakes.

7. Silence is comfortable

One of the big dreads of a first date is those awkward silences. Pauses in conversation are bound to happen. But if you can have brief silences and not feel uncomfortable, the you are on a soulmate winner! Because this is a level of intimacy that can't be faked. It's a sign you're with a soulmate.

8. You see beyond little flaws

If you can see beyond your date's little flaws, then you might have found a soulmate connection. Nobody's perfect. So he/she doesn't have supermodel looks - but you are still attracted to them. Give the person a chance. Little quirks make a person unique.

9. You're both fascinated by each other

A soulmate will be enthusiastic about your successes and talents. He/she should be your biggest cheerleader. So if you feel as if your date is genuinely interested in you and your achievements (and vice-versa for you) you could have a real connection. Avoid anyone giving off signs of jealousy on a first date - it will only get worse.

10. You feel inspired

One of the great things about a soul connection is the opportunity to be inspired by your partner. You should feel uplifted and creative around a soulmate. If you both spark off each other in a creative way, you can inspire each other on to greater achievements. So if you're feeling any of this on a first date, you probably have a soulmate connection!

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