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10 changes you can make to enhance your chance of romance

Are you looking for love? Read on for 10 simple changes you can make to enhance your chances of romance.


How are you feeling? Do you usually feel stuck in a rut and as if you never have any good luck in the romance stakes? If you often feel negatively about yourself, you'll project negative energy and a closed self image, which will not attract potential new partners to you. By making some simple changes emotionally, mentally and physically, you can open yourself up to presenting your best self to the world. Once you're feeling happier and more contented with yourself, you will begin project positive energy which will attract positive relationships into your life.

1) You are responsible for your happiness

Before you can attract a healthy, positive relationship, you have to be living a healthy, positive life. The sooner you realise this, the sooner you can take control of your happiness and your ability to attract love. The life you are experiencing is the one you've created. Your happiness is in your own hands. Nobody else is responsible for making you happy or unhappy. This means you have the power to change your life, if you are unhappy. Take yourself away from people, situations or jobs which are dragging you down. Start afresh and choose a new more positive path.

2) Morning movement

A quick and easy way to energise body and mind for the day ahead. Try some gentle stretches, or go for a 10 minute run. Waking your body up in this way will stop you feeling sluggish and clear your mind for the day's activities. If you are feeling physically energised, you will give off positive energy vibes to draw in a potential partner.

3) Expand your mind

The right kind of romantic partner will find you more attractive if you have a curiosity about the world and can talk fairly knowledgeably about varied subjects. Take half an hour everyday to read something that will increase your knowledge. Pick subjects you are interested in, don't just stick to one topic, shake things up. Try reading a science book, a biography, a nature book or classic novel. Or read an online site that explains how to achieve a practical task, such as using a new software package or something practical for the home, such as changing a kitchen sink tap, planting flowers or fixing something.

4) Find your inner energy

Everyone has inner strength and energy which can help you be more resilient and bounce back after life's setbacks. You just have to learn how to unleash it. One way to draw on inner strength is through spiritual practice. Meditate for 10 minutes at the start or at the end of your day. As you progress with this regular practice you will feel more grounded with an energy that enables you to face the world with a smile - drawing potential relationships to you.

5) Power pose

Your body language is key to attracting a lover. If you are defensive or hunched up in your posture, you repel rather than attract people. People will steer clear of you if you appear nervous because they might feel nervous, too. But it's easy to fake confidence with confident body language - even if you are quaking inside! Stand with your feet slightly less than shoulder width apart, head tilted slightly up, hands can be at your sides or clasped (not clenched tightly, though, definitely not in fists!). Make frequent eye contact and smile often.

6) Wear colour

A splash of colour puts a spring in your step and attracts people's eyes to your person. Colour is great for spreading your positive energy to those around you. Wear one bright item - accessories are great for adding colour. Try a bright scarf, tie, shoes, bag, glasses or jewellery.

7) Connect through new people hobbies

When you're happily enjoying an activity you love, then you are more likely to attract romantic love to you. Meet like-minded people by joining a local group of whatever hobby you enjoy.

8) Leave worries behind

Worrying about what might happen restricts love. By all means plan for the situation: what to wear, subjects to chat about, your personal safety. But don't worry about whether it will go well or whether you will be good enough. You are good enough and everything will be fine.

9) Trust that love will find you

It's difficult to trust that you will find love if you've been hurt in the past. But to be able to welcome new love into your life you have to leave old wounds and old patterns of behaviour behind.

10) Live your life with joy

Live your life with joy. OK, you can't be madly happy all the time, but try to find the joy in life as often as you can. Appreciate the beauty of the natural world around you, be grateful for kindnesses from other people, and offer you own kindnesses out to others. See the good, while learning to avoid the bad. Joy is infectious so if you are joyful, those around you will become happier - just what a potential partner is looking for!

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