Be a Love Magnet!

If you're longing to be in love, it can seem as if everyone in the world is loved-up, except you! You might wonder what you're doing wrong. Why can't you find love? The answer is usually very simple.

With some simple shifts in consciousness you can attract love into your life!

If you're longing to be in love, it can seem as if everyone in the world is loved-up, except you! You might wonder what you're doing wrong. Why can't you find love? The answer is usually very simple. You are most likely looking in the wrong place. You are looking externally - for validation from others, when you should begin by looking within. To attract a healthy loving relationship, you have to love yourself, first. Here's how.

1) Who are you?

Don't worry if you can't answer this question straightaway as it's one of the big spiritual questions of life! But before you can hope to attract love, you need to begin by thinking about the answer to that question. Finding out who you really are is a lifelong quest, but it's one that you need to embark on before you can attract love. Because if you can't work you out, how on earth can you expect anyone else to?

To help you begin, consider the following:

  • What is important to you?
  • What do you hope to achieve?
  • How would you like others to describe you?

Find out what makes you tick, then you'll have a better idea of the sort of person you want as a life partner, where to look for them, and how to attract them.

2) Build confidence

A confident person attracts love. But this means confidence in the truest sense - so not narcissism, bravado or sarcasm. A confident person can open up emotionally to a potential partner, and put their partner at ease. Build your confidence by thinking of people as potential friends first, rather than potential partners. Take time to get to know the person before you jump into a relationship. You can increase your confidence by doing things you are good at and you enjoy. Try sports, crafts, photography, painting - whatever you have a talent for. Seeing yourself excel at something is showing yourself you are a talented person with every reason to be confident in your abilities.

3) Love yourself

Because if you don't love yourself nobody else will, either! If you look to a partner to fill the lack of love you feel for yourself, it will only end in tears. Because only you can create the solid foundations within yourself that are needed to build a relationship. It can be surprisingly tricky to love yourself. If you are so used to criticising yourself or being criticised, or if you don't feel worthy of love - this will block your path to the loving relationship you deserve. Don't rush into a relationship until you love and value yourself. Take some time and space to work on yourself, first. Learn what things in life make you happy and do them often.

4) Find a spiritual practice

Taking up a spiritual practice can help you attract love - yes, honestly! A practice like meditation can help focus your mind and calm you down. So if you're grounded and centred, you'll be much more likely to attract a healthy relationship. Use your spiritual practice to tap into your sixth sense to provide the answers you need on your love life by trying a candle meditation. Meditate by looking into the flame of a candle. Empty your mind and concentrate on watching the flame flicker. Take it a step further by, after 10 minutes of meditation, asking yourself a question on a potential love match, such as 'is this person the right person for me' or 'is now the right time for me to have a relationship?'. Listen to your sixth sense reply. You may hear the answer in your mind or you may feel the answer. Listen carefully. (Never leave a flame unattended.)

5) Radiate positivity

To attract good things, you have to be positive! The energy you give out defines what you will receive back. So if you are forever worrying that you'll never meet a decent person to have a romance - then, quite simply, you won't! This is because you are setting yourself up for failure through your mindset and your energy. Instead, concentrate on making yourself happy with you. Start enjoying life right now, instead of worrying about the future. Once you relax and begin to feel more positive, good things will naturally flow into your life.

6) Be loving

The simplest way to attract love is by showing love. Not romantic love, but little acts of kindness to neighbours, friends, colleagues or even strangers. By helping or doing favours for others you are creating an energy of love and kindness around yourself. This energy becomes a love magnet! So by giving out loving, caring energy into the world, you will attract it right back to you.

Looking for advice on your love life?

If you're struggling to attract love into your life and are looking for answers and some direction, why not get in touch with one of our gifted psychic readers who will be able to answer your love related questions and provide you with the guidance you're looking for!


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