How To Create Your Own Peacful Haven

Ever wondered how you can create your own peaceful environment? A small haven? Or even a peaceful space inside your own mind? It almost seems impossible doesn't it? With our tips you'll find how to create your own haven

Have you ever wondered how you can create your own peaceful environment? A small haven? Or even a peaceful space inside your own mind? It almost seems impossible doesn’t it? So many of us are caught up with day to day stresses and strains, we almost forget who we are. But, what we also forget is that we can control our thoughts and that we don’t have to feel bogged down.

The mind is indeed, very complex and without even realising it we carry around useless bits of information that don’t really serve us any purpose. It’s very easy to get distracted and caught up in a whirlwind. You may even feel like you are swimming around in a goldfish bowl, going round and round in circles. So it’s very important that you allow yourself the space to clear out all the clutter, putting emotional, financial and work issues aside.

Now, you’re probably wondering how an earth you can cut yourself off from all those issues.. It’s really not that simple right? But actually it is. Thoughts become things and you are what you believe. If you believe that you are going to struggle to pay your bills then of course, you will. If you believe that you are not worthy of a promotion then of course, you are not. It’s important to recognise your thought patterns. The next time you think a negative thought, think of it as a spiral, think of it as a wheel, churning out more and more of the same thing. Are you helping yourself by worrying about your debts? Or, are you creating more fear and more obstacles? Fear blinds us, it blocks us. Fear has been known to stand for “False Evidence Appearing Real”. It’s not real, unless you make it real. If you overcome your fears and adjust your thinking ever so slightly, miracles begin to take place and the smog starts to clear.

By telling yourself: “Things are going to be fine” you are automatically sending out a message to the universe, you are inviting abundance in, love and happiness. Many spiritual healers and philosophers, live with this theory, they live with it because it is the aid to perfect wellbeing and if you can not heal yourself, then you can not heal other people. Practicing positive affirmations can work wonders as a day to day routine and many people have spoken about how affirmations have changed their lives, because they have changed their way of thinking.

Louise L. Hay, is the author of the international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, and is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher with more than 40 million books sold worldwide she has helped many people heal their own lives through positive thinking and affirmations. One of her famous affirmations is to STOP and think when panicking.

She believes that it isn’t problems we need to fix. It’s actually our thoughts. When something goes wrong in our lives we automatically panic and sweat over things which are usually very minor. But the problem of course, is that as soon as you start to panic, you are creating a vicious circle for yourself and the problems escalate when they don’t need to.

Louise recommends calming yourself when something goes wrong by simply saying and repeating the following in your head (as many times as you feel you need to.)

“All is well, everything is working out for my highest good and out of this situation, only good will come, I am safe”.

According to Louise, this automatically allows your entire system to calm down and also allows the universe enough time to deliver a solution. Even if the answer doesn’t come in an instant, you will in no time feel calmer, you’ll notice small miracles and you’ll begin to feel more in control.

When a situation backfires, it’s all too easy to become angry and resentful over both the circumstances and the people involved. We will fill our minds with hate, resentment, jealousy and depression because we believe that situations and people have created things to go wrong in our lives. But what we need to remember is that it is possible to change our way of thinking.. Joseph Murphy, Ph. D.,D.D was a world-renowned authority on mysticism and mind dynamics and helps people focus on daily prayers and affirmations so they can achieve what they want in life.

In his book: “The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power he says: “People have believed that they are the victims of fate, chance and accidents and that there are other powers and forces inimical to their welfare. Their minds are full of all sorts of weird ideas, superstitions, anxieties and complicated philosophies about devils, evil entities and malevolent forces. The truth is that a person’s thought pattern is creative. Our habitual thinking becomes our abundance of our poverty. The law of the subconscious mind will always bring negative thoughts into form and experience, as if you are creating your own traumas. If our thoughts are positive, constructive and good then we should indeed attract good experiences and a happy outcome”. So believe it or not, your thoughts control your life! You can change your life by thinking positive, happy and fulfilling thoughts, or you can drown in self pity, negativity and fear. Remember that one positive thought leads to another and what you give out in life, comes right back at you! So why not start today? Think of something positive! Create your own little heaven!

A positive thought for the day to help you by Psychic Sofa:
Try and pretend you have no problems for just one minute
Sit square
And be square
Think about beauty, think about flare
Think about your priorities and how much you can bear
Now, think about darkness and think about the light
And think how we always seem much calmer throughout the night

Louise Hay refs
Joseph Murphy - The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power


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