How Can I Attract Love?

Some helpful tips on finding Love on today's world and some mistakes to avoid in the process!

How Can I Attract Love?
Sunny Spring days are finally beginning to brighten up the world around us, and with the change of season, thoughts turn naturally to fresh starts and new beginnings. Attracting the feel-good factor of a new romance is top of most people's wish-lists. Love can bring some of life's greatest highs but also its deepest lows. If you've been single for a while or had a bad relationship in the past, it can be tricky to know how to attract the right person. Perhaps you are afraid of repeating negative relationship patterns, or you are low in confidence, or you just feel daunted by the prospect of dating? If you've kissed too many frogs in the past you might be despairing of ever finding the right person. In which case, you'll be surprised to learn that attracting and creating a positive relationship is all within your grasp.
Look within yourself

Before you can embark on a lasting romance, it's essential that you're comfortable in your own skin. After all, if you don't like yourself, how can you expect anyone else to find you appealing? If you approach a relationship feeling happy and confident, it stands a much better chance of blossoming and being successful than if you grab onto the nearest man/woman for dear life, hoping that they can solve all your insecurities.
One of the biggest barriers to attracting love is lack of confidence. This doesn't mean the false confidence that comes from knocking back a few pints of beer! Of course, we all occasionally need a bit of bravado when approaching the opposite sex, but true confidence will take you further, helping you to open up emotionally and relate to your partner on more than just a physical or surface level.
One way to build confidence is to take time out on your own, instead of rushing from relationship to relationship. Learn what things in life make you happy. Start doing team sports or take classes in crafts, sewing, interior design, art or whatever you fancy. Chances are you will meet like-minded people there and widen your circle of friends - and perhaps even find a potential partner. As you meet new people and delve into your own interests, your confidence will grow naturally.
Meditation may also help you feel calmer and more confident because it requires you to quieten racing thoughts and focus on one issue. A simple candle meditation can be very effective if you look into the flame and concentrate on one issue. Try asking yourself a question, such as, 'how can I increase my confidence?' or 'is my new relationship healthy?' Pause and listen to the thoughts that flow into your mind - this is the reply from your inner voice or wisdom. It can take lots of practice to be able to listen to your inner voice, so don't be disheartened if you don't hear it straightaway but keep persevering. Give 10 minutes a day to meditation. (Never leave a lit candle unattended as this can be a fire hazard).
Think positive

When you are trying to attract romance, the power of 'positive thinking' is much more than just a catchphrase. Many spiritual teachers believe the mind is such a powerful tool that your thoughts can directly influence your experience of life. This means that if you have positive thoughts, you will attract goodness back, and vice-versa. This is known as the Law of Attraction. So if you are sat at home constantly worrying and thinking that you will never find a man/woman then, simply, you won't! This is because the negative energy and thoughts you are sending out are reflected back to you. Happily, according to the Law of Attraction, if you walk around feeling optimistic and believing that romance will come to you - you are much more likely to find love. So the way you think, rather than the way you look or anything else, has a big impact on your ability to attract love.
Make a list of the attributes you want a future partner to have. If you find you're focussing on looks and money, you're on the wrong track. There's nothing amiss with wanting your partner to be attractive and have a good career but personal qualities such as kindness, friendship, shared interests and values are more important because they will create a lasting relationship. Once you have honed your wish-list, think about the qualities you have written on it from time to time throughout the day. This means you will be throwing out your positive request to the universe in the hope of attracting it back to you.
On a practical note, you could also use this list to decide if a particular person is right for you. As you get to know them ask yourself if their personality matches up to your wish-list. Don't get the list out and tick it off while on your date though, or you'll probably find your potential partner running for the door!
Respect yourself

In the heady rush of wanting to impress a new flame, one thing you should always remember is to respect yourself. This also applies to being able to attract the right partner with whom you will able to form a healthy relationship, as oppose to an unhealthy controlling, unfaithful or abusive one. First impressions count, so if you speak and act respectfully, then you are likely to be treated in the same way.

Know that people can only treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated. So if there's a serious issue try to fix it, once, but if upsetting behaviour is repeated, respect yourself and walk away.
How to get that loving feeling

One of the best ways to attract love is by showing love to others. We are not talking about romantic love here, but acts of kindness. By helping your elderly neighbour with her shopping, or by offering to look after your sister's children when she is sick, or just by smiling at a stranger, you are practicing the act of being loving. If you give out loving, caring energy you will attract it back to you.


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