How do you know if they like you?

Dating and values

It can be very hard trying to determine whether or not someone is genuinely attracted to you and according to research we know when we have met the right person by experiencing a feeling of safety.
A study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships explains that people actually decide what kind of relationship they want within minutes of meeting. Speed dating and online sites have been proven to be good for those wanting to explore their opportunities as it does not waste time but body language has a habit of sending mixed signals. For example, a female could act reserved and cautious yet a male may misunderstand it as being slightly seductive in “Playing hard to get”. A male on the other hand can be extremely charming and generous so the female may assume he is looking or flirting but as the male mind is a natural hunter it tends to assume rather than ask and the female mind being more nurturing tends to look for comfort, security and stability before letting her barriers down.

It can be slightly more challenging for a man to hide his interest from a female due to masculine qualities that are slightly more daring and courageous. Interestingly men usually make it known that they like you by communicating or flirting lots first. They may even talk about the romance to their friends and some even tell their mothers! A male will usually think hard before approaching a woman whereas a woman will wait patiently to be seduced or she may even drop subtle hints. Like with any situation where you are searching for the hidden depths in someone’s true feelings the eyes give everything away, for they are the window of the soul.

Body language plays an extremely crucial role and it can be handy watching someone’s body language if you want to know whether they like you or not. For example. if they clutch their hands together and speak quickly, sometimes even jittering you know they are nervous around you and therefore like you. Don’t mistake someone for not liking you by being “too relaxed” either. Some people are very good at controlling their nerves and it can almost seem as if they are not really bothered when talking to you. So the signs can be very hard to read. But the obvious signs are usually to do with eye contact. Do they look into your eyes? Do they notice what you are wearing? And do they take personal interest in you? As soon as someone takes notice of the small things that you do then you know you are on to a winner.

However, if you are having to wait ages for the return of a text message or phone call then the situation may well be worth re-evaluating. For example, if you are finding that you have to do all the chasing then it might be a good idea to take a step back, sometimes it is about finding the right balance in communication. When you have met the right match, you should know by the natural feed of communication, it won’t feel awkward, intrusive or tight. The last thing you need is to date someone that doesn’t have the same values as you. Are they in it for fun? Or are they in it for the long run?

Here are some things to perhaps consider in terms of relationship values:

You have been dating someone for two weeks and are very comfortable with how things are going, enjoying taking things slowly, only your admirer seems quite determined to take things to the next level when it’s too much for you – you need trust first. So simply explain this, even if you do it via a message it’s better than not saying anything at all. If your admirer loses interest quickly after that then you know it’s more about the physical side of the relationship and not the emotional side. Think about what you want.

Perhaps you have been dating someone for a while now, say two months? Yet they only seem interested when you are out with friends or during intimacy. If they are not devoting enough time to you then it might be an idea to call for the shots for a while and put things off until you see a stronger sign of commitment. Then, if you don’t, you know that your values and levels of commitment are not the same.
Have you been with your girlfriend/boyfriend for more than 12 months now? Is there still no sign of moving in together? Not even a holiday?

Perhaps ask yourself a few questions. For example, if both your financial circumstances are fairly equal and you are tried of living with your parents or in separate accommodation then there really is only one thing you can do and that is to confront the situation. If you are with someone that still lives with their parents, it could be then that they are either too comfortable or the parents disapprove. Ask your lover outright or do your own investigation! Perhaps get a reading on it to clarify things.

Venus through the signs

As you may know the planet Venus is associated with love, luxury, arts and our relationship values. If you want to know what your partner’s values are like simply do so by finding out what is in their Venus, all you need is their date of birth to do this and you can simply look it up on line or read the following for a brief outline if you already know:

Venus in Aquarius – this is a cool, detached placement and this sort of Venus is prone to attracting lots of unusual people. They certainly take a calm approach to relationships.

Venus in Pisces – this placement often speaks about dreamy illusions in love. Because Pisces is so artistic it will of course attract the artist or someone that is perhaps slightly naïve and fragile in some ways. Venus in Pisces can almost lose themselves in the other person when it comes to love.

Venus in Aries – Venus is Aries takes time to settle in love, they go about things intensely and are certainly not frightened to take risks. They are not ones for settling down quickly in relationships but once they find the right partner they are truly committed.

Venus in Taurus – Venus here is steady and stable and likes to link relationships to harmony. This is a good Venus for commitment and passionate love.

Venus in Gemini – Venus here tends to attract the younger lover, you may well find that this person just can not make up their mind about what it is they want out of love and their values can seem a bit iffy too. Not, the best Venus as far as commitment goes.

Venus in Cancer – This Venus is a big softy, as gooey as you like! This Venus has a soft centre and likes to protect and honour their lover. Venus in Cancer loves to spend time in the home with their lover.

Venus in Leo – Venus in Leo is the big show off, the player, it’s all about fun, fun, fun! So don’t expect this Venus placement to take you too seriously. However, once you have one the heart of a Venus in Leo type he/she will be extremely loyal, possessive and committed.

Venus in Virgo – If you want to know where you stand with this Venus you may have some problems trying to get them to express their feelings, it is a fairly cold, yet clean placement. They will be practical in love, so don’t expect roses!

Venus in Libra – Now this is where romance lies. Your Venus in Libra will want to take you out and read you poetry or just wine and dine. They will be passionate lovers but may well sit on the fence a bit during an argument.

Venus in Scorpio – You want intensity? Passion? Drama? You got it! This type of Venus will take you right to the spiritual depths. It is naturally curious in love and although loyal, don’t be surprised if your lover goes out of their way to search for the eye candy, but don’t worry, they will look but they wont touch!

Venus in Sagittarius - this Venus likes to have lots of space and freedom. They are optimistic in love however and exciting to be around not to mention warm and passionate.

Venus in Capricorn – This is the classy type, the one that wants the big house, the children the loyal lover – the whole lot! Their values are very strong and they will not back down in love, this is the sort of love that will last forever.



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