How To Make A Good Relationship Great

No matter whether you’ve been together for 6 months or 6 years and counting, your relationship is bound to fall into a comfort zone every once in a while.

No matter whether you’ve been together for 6 months or 6 years and counting, your relationship is bound to fall into a comfort zone every once in a while. When this happens the relationship may become boring or stale, and you could begin to wonder if you’re missing out on something better elsewhere.

A relationship can quickly become a routine. The same predictable pattern that you expect every week may have been comforting and reassuring at the start of your union, but now needs a good shake up to put some loving magic back into your partnership. If the foundation of your connection is good, and you want to take what’s predictable and routine out of the comfort zone, and into something far more exciting, read on…

Pay Attention

Create a positive first impression, the second time around, by paying attention to the little things that mean a lot. When you were getting to know your partner chances are that your attention to detail was always spot on. Those cute little things that you would do for each other are what made you both realize that you had something special going on. Start doing more of those meaningful things.

Re-Invent Yourself

It’s easy to lose yourself once you get all comfy in a relationship. Chances are one, or both of you, no longer make that much effort in the dressing up and bodycare department as you once did. Perhaps you’ve also given up on your own interests and lost touch with friends that you used to socialize with. Put some effort into re-inventing yourself so that your lover gets a welcome wake up call. Once you start showing interest in yourself your partner will show more interest too. Keeping your own interests also brings a healthy dimension into your relationship.

Random Tokens Of Affection

If you know your partner loves x, y or z, perhaps treat them to tokens that openly display your love and affection? Be it flowers, the latest CD by their favorite band, candlelit bubble baths, or a massage to get rid of desk sitting neck tension after work…give your partner what they love and need. Always bear in mind it’s the thought that goes in that will create the desired effect.

Set The Scene

Ambience is important if you want to create a relaxing mood that perfectly sets the tone for the evening. Light plenty of candles for romantic lighting that is both flattering and inviting. Don’t forget the soft music!


Regular Date Night

Making regular time for each other is essential if you want to enhance your relationship. No matter how busy and hectic your life may be, you need to find the time for date night. Book the babysitter, and take turns devising surprises to keep you both amused and entertained on your special night together.

Boudoir Moments

Lingerie is more than just the layer that you wear between your skin and clothing. There was probably a time when sexy and pretty lingerie was a priority purchase that gave you both enjoyment. So what if your body is no longer svelte and super toned. Your partner isn’t bothered by your perceived imperfections. Delve into your closet and find something silky and slinky to put on. Those red-hot boudoir moments could still be a frequent event!

Pillow Talk

Real intimacy comes from feeling deeply connected to the one you love. Open your heart and explore your feelings, and express these to your partner. Pillow talk is about sharing secrets and talking about whatever is on your mind. Let your partner know that it’s safe to disclose. Your shared honesty will bring you closer together.

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