Is He A Keeper?

When you’re dating, and looking for a potential long-term romantic partner, it can be challenging trying to figure out whether he’s a short-term player or a long-term keeper?

How can you tell if your boyfriend has got long-term potential? Find out the traits of a boyfriend worth keeping!

When you’re dating, and looking for a potential long-term romantic partner, it can be challenging trying to figure out whether he’s a short-term player or a long-term keeper? Unless you happen to be a dating expert, you will need to trust your inner guidance to find out for yourself.

Lasting relationships require consistency, authenticity and a willingness to grow and evolve together. A keeper is someone who is sexually attractive, open in expressing feelings and emotions, confident, charismatic and keen to be a better person around you. He is also the man that every woman wants to be with!

If you’re presently dating, or keeping a watchful eye out for Mr Right, here are a few compatibility clues that will help you identify if he really is a keeper.

Keepers are the real deal

A genuine and authentic keeper doesn’t feel the need to hide any aspect of who he is. This man is comfortable in his own skin, honest, down-to-earth and trustworthy. His transparency means that he won’t be playing games with your heart.

Keepers look after themselves

Keepers pride themselves in always being the best that they can. They like to stay physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. Whilst they like to ensure that their appearance is up to scratch, a keeper doesn’t spend more time in the bathroom than you, pampering and preening. A keeper values his time, and will keep toxic people at arm’s length. His high vibe energy and wellbeing is vitally important to him.

Keepers are self-accountable

Keepers understand that a long-term love relationship requires work. They are confident and don’t give up their point of view when challenged, just to keep things sweet. Instead, they make the necessary effort, and always accept accountability for their words, actions and deeds.

Keepers know their worth

A man who knows that he has keeper qualities also has a realistic sense of his own value. This guy doesn’t have to impress anyone in order to win favors. Strong values and a sense of identity, ensures that he knows what he brings to your long-term relationship.

Keepers see the value in others

Keepers always look for positive traits in other people. They value genuine connections that naturally grow over time. A keeper’s most important relationships are his number one priority, and he will go out of his way to make every individual feel valued and special. If your man has keeper traits he’s already seen, and appreciates, the value in you.

Keepers stay interested

A real deal keeper isn’t afraid to look for ways to keep the relationship interesting and exciting. Unlike players and short-term lovers who quickly grow bored and move on, a keeper knows how to stay interested. They bring their own sense of thrilling excitement into the relationship, and are resourceful at coming up with entertaining plans and ideas to keep you happy.

Keepers value humour

Keepers have a keen sense of perspective, and know how to use humour appropriately. They like to laugh and joke around, and aren’t afraid to show a serious side. Laughter keeps romance alive, and is a great antidote to stress, anxiety and everyday frustrations. A keeper will make sure that you always have a smile on your face.

Keepers live in the present moment

A man who is committed to being with you has learnt from his past, and plans for the future. If he is a keeper he’ll also know the importance of emotional security and of living in the moment. His time in your company is never wasted. He’ll look for ways to ensure that you both enjoy every moment together.

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