Slow down and reflect - Venus Retrograde

Some useful information about our planet of love

If you are starting to feel a bit nervous and twitchy then take a few moments to ground yourself. This could be the calm before the storm! Our planet of love goes retrograde (backwards) tomorrow until June 27th. This is Venus Retrograde! Venus in mythology was known as Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love therefore our planet Venus indeed relates to love along with the arts, values and money and all that is romantic!

So if you find yourself in a situation that requires you to go back over any of these aspects in some way over the next forty three days then use your time wisely! When any planet turns retrograde we usually decide to turn inwards and it is not usually a good time to make new plans. For example, this would not be a great time to get married or engaged or talk about long term plans in regards to love and relationships. Instead, it is a time where ex lovers may return, old friendships make up or break down and family reunions take place.

This would be the perfect time to renew your vows such as a recommitment ceremony or perhaps remarry a former partner. You may even find yourself grouping up with old friends that you have missed or getting things back on track with the ex partner that has been playing on your mind. Many of us will want to make peace during this time and others will want to break away. You might find yourself going back over your finances or have a sudden urge to put things in order. Because Venus relates so strongly to the arts many of you that have an artistic or creative streak may feel unusually inspired, as Venus retrograde allows you to reflect you may find yourself engulfed in a whirlwind of past emotion and feel inclined to write or express something inspiring.

What is interesting about this Venus Retrograde is that Venus is currently in Gemini until August 7th this year. Gemini is the sign of duality and communication and can be very chatty, flirtatious and fun! Gemini loves gossip and is a quirky, light hearted energy that doesn’t really like to take life too seriously. Many people with Venus in Gemini experience relationships with people that may be a few years younger than themselves and because Gemini is the sign of the twins many with this position come to discover that they may even end up dating someone with a twin or that they are extremely undecided when it comes to love. Gemini gets bored very quickly and needs constant stimulus so these are all important things to take note of during this Venus Retrograde as it would seem it is a time for flirty chit chat and gossip!

So sit back and wait for those flirty text messages and emails from those that you may have been waiting to hear from for quite a while! And if you are being asked to make a big decision over love then perhaps put it off until the 27th June has passed….

Good luck! With lots of love and flirty light


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