Stop social media from ruining your relationship!

From Facebook to Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram - it's never been easier to connect with people across the globe. While opening up communications is great news, it can also mean your nearest and dearest feel neglected as you click away.

Use online networking without damaging your romance


From Facebook to Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram - it's never been easier to connect with people across the globe. While opening up communications is great news, it can also mean your nearest and dearest feel neglected as you click away. Plus with extra opportunities to connect with old flames online, the rise of social media has led to the demise of many relationships. Here's how to keep your relationship in tact while navigating the online world.



Don't Over-Share

Your partner does not want to see the argument you just had posted online - and dissected by your mates. Communication between couples should remain private. If you feel annoyed with your partner, discuss the issue with them. Don't turn it into a passive aggressive online post. Likewise, always ask permission before you post a picture of your partner asleep and snoring in their PJs. It may come as a shock to you but not everyone enjoys having their private life posted online. So talk about what you’re both comfortable sharing before you start posting.



Flirtation is not cool...

Some people lose all sense of reality when they get click-happy online, believing that because it's online, it's not real life. Major error. If you flirt with an attractive person online, it's just as bad as ignoring your partner in the pub while you chat up the local hottie. If you spot inappropriate chats on Twitter, sexy pictures sent to other people on Instagram, or if your partner is constantly adding cute new girls or boys on Facebook - it's time to have a serious talk. Of course, the same applies if you are behaving this way. This social media misbehaviour is no laughing matter because it will weaken your relationship. So you should find out why you or your partner are doing this - pronto. Tell him/her it makes you feel uncomfortable and unhappy. Ask why they are doing it. Ask them to stop. If they dismiss you, ask them to think about it for a day or so, then raise the issue again. If they fail to acknowledge a problem - you should consider if this is a relationship you want to keep.


...but genuine connections are good

On the other hand, you do need to keep your lover's communications in perspective. Your beloved can have friends of the opposite sex and if s/he chats to them in a genuine way then you shouldn't feel worried that s/he might cheat on you. Raging personal insecurities are often projected onto social media when the true problem is the person feeling them. If your partner has given you no reason to feel worried online, yet you find yourself over-analysing his/her every keystroke, you should look at why you feel insecure. Write down a list of what's worrying you, then ask yourself if each concern is realistic. If you feel they are - talk it over with your partner so s/he can put your mind to rest.




Don't be an exhibitionist

If you are always posting selfies or photo journaling every aspect of your life - this can be very off putting to your partner. Who wants to date a narcissist? You'll appear so wrapped up in yourself that your partner will be left wondering if there's any love left for him/her. So stop it!



Private is good but secretive is bad

It's fine for your partner to want to keep a degree of privacy with his/her social media. However, if the laptop lid always clangs shut when you enter the room or if s/he never lets you see his Facebook page - this should raise a major red flag. What's s/he got to hide? You need to find out.


Stop the PDA

Why is it that couples who constantly post nauseating declarations of love and heart infested images seem most likely to break up? It's because if you feel the need to always publically declare how good your relationship is - there's probably something missing. Don't do PDAs. It will make your friends feel queasy. Instead, focus on privately showing genuine love and affection to build a stronger relationship.


People are more important than pictures!

Social media will come between you and your partner if you can't put down your phone. It's unforgivably disrespectful to be posting pictures and chatting to online friends when your partner is trying to talk to you. Don't allow social media to take over your life. Limit time online to one hour per day - yes, you can do it!


Don't tag an Ex

It's understandable that your partner might be sensitive about you communicating with people you've previously shared an intimate connection. So don't tag, friend or chat with an ex online without telling your partner. It's the secrecy rather than the action that's problematic. Imagine how you would feel.




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