The Meaning Behind Love & Light

Many people in the spiritual community use the term 'love and light' to greet and bless other like-minded people. But what does it actually mean?

Sending Love and Light

You may have seen the phrase ‘sending love and light’ dotted around our website and on various other spiritual platforms in your time. In fact, it has now become one of the most stated and standard greetings currently spoken amongst spiritual communities.

But what does it actually mean?

Why do we greet other spiritually minded individuals with this phrase and where did it come from?

It’s a phrase that lends itself to being a beacon of hope for those who have felt lost and have experienced great darkness. It helps us reach out to others and give blessings of good health and prosperity. It reminds people that they are loved and respected. As a whole, the very concept of giving ones love and light to another is an altogether wholesome and selfless act. But this is just skimming the surface level of this phrase and its meaning. Let’s delve a little deeper.

It all boils down to metaphysics. And Chakras, of course.

When we look out into the Universe, what are we really seeing? Light and matter. Humans are material beings, meaning that in order for us to navigate this three-dimensional realm we need a physical form – remember, we are all made up of “star stuff” and are simply elements for the Universe to recognise itself. We are all deeply and forever connected to each other - chemically, atomically, biologically and emotionally.

Love connects us to the Universe, while Light helps us see the Universe.

So what does this have to do with light? The colours we see, and the way we see reality and act in reality all relate back to light. We are all made up of different combinations of light, which in turn come together to create White Light. Each colour on the spectrum runs at its own frequency which helps to govern our behaviour, mood and openness.

We have a profound connection to light, and this intricate connection has been noted throughout humanity and is notably observed when discussing our Chakras. The healing White Light that encompasses all the colours of our Chakras helps us to maintain a healthy, fruitful and balanced life. We need light, its colours and vibrational frequencies in order to enjoy and accommodate life. When healers and Light Workers talk about the Healing White Light, they are talking about rejigging and realigning our Chakras, in order to make them more balanced and united. The closer we come to having balanced Chakras, the closer we are to spiritual awakening and fulfilment.

Without light, we cannot know ourselves or our true potential and place within the Universe. So by giving blessings of “light” to another, we are helping on their quest to spiritual ascension and balance!

This covers the basic Light aspect of ‘love and light’. So what about the Love?

The love aspect of ‘sending love and light” may seem straight forward on a surface level, and it is – almost. Love is a social tool. It helps us to bond with others, create meaningful relationships and bring us closer together as a species. It binds us all together in this place we call the Universe. It’s what makes this life interesting, and it’s also a tool to help the Universe continue and let’s itself be known to us.

Without love, the Universe cannot go on. Without love binding us all together, there can be no light. Love and Light are intricately connected and while they may be separate things, they are symbiotic in their relationship. They help boost and nurture each other.

Light helps us see the Universe, while Love connects us to the Universe.

So, what does ‘sending love and light’ really mean when we say it?

We are giving blessings to the other person. We are asking them to open their hearts to the Universe to receive healing and guidance, while also opening their hearts to love and compassion of in the world around them.

It may just be a phrase, but phrases can be powerful and meaningful things. Just like affirmations, love and light opens our minds and hearts to so much more than a general greeting would. It allows us to spot like-minded individuals, and it makes people stop and contemplate. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Love and Light, everybody.


How do you interpret this greeting? Do you use it? What does it mean to you? Let us know in the comments below!


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