How to attract good luck

Examining the concept of luck & how you can transform bad luck into good

How to attract good luck
Are you a lucky person? Or when something goes wrong in life do you blame bad luck? The concept of 'luck' is defined as success or failure brought about by chance rather than your own actions. But, in fact, whether you are lucky or not often depends upon the choices you make rather than being in the lap of the gods.

Of course, you have to accept that some events are beyond your control - the result of chance or the actions of other people. But there are many circumstances when you can influence events to create good fortune for yourself.
What is luck?
You might think you're unlucky if a situation turns out badly for you. But was missing the mark really down to luck or was it linked to poor choices and lack of planning? Winning the lottery can be described as a lucky event; whereas, although there is often an element of chance in it, being successful at a job interview mostly depends on research, skills and performance. What is perceived as luck is often a combination of opportunity and action. For example, two graduates are offered jobs as office juniors. One of their tasks is to sort and hand out the office post. Graduate one does this menial task everyday without complaint, while graduate two says this task is beneath him and doesn't help out. Meanwhile graduate one slowly strikes up a rapport with the senior management while delivering their post everyday. When the time for promotions comes around, graduate one is promoted while graduate two is not. Graduate two complains that this is bad luck as both he and graduate one are equally qualified for promotion. In reality, we can see that graduate one seized the opportunity to create his own good luck, while graduate two did not.
Some spiritual traditions transform the abstract concept of 'luck' into a deity that they can ask to favour them. Fortuna was the Roman goddess of luck (good and bad), while Tyche was her ancient Greek equivalent. Japan takes the personification of luck a step further with a pantheon of seven gods and goddesses of fortune. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of spiritual and material prosperity.
Why am I always unlucky?
The short answer is: you're not! It may seem like you are dogged by bad luck but the likelihood is that you are so focused on seeing the bad in your life that you miss seeing all the good things. Perhaps you are a natural pessimist - a person whose metaphorical glass is always half empty, rather than half full. Always thinking about the possible negatives of a situation will block out positive opportunities that you could be taking.

Of course, sometimes bad things, over which we have no control, do happen. It's important not to blame yourself for these events. If the event is relatively minor, then don't dwell upon it. Release the hurt by fixing the problem and put it behind you. If the bad event is more serious, it's essential that you get professional help so you can deal with the anger, hurt and sense of helplessness traumatic events can inflict, so you will eventually be able to move forward.
Why are other people luckier than me?
You might think of somebody born into a rich family as 'lucky' and, compared to someone living in poverty, they are. But they could have issues and situations in their lives that are hidden from view that makes them think of themselves as unlucky. It's a waste of your energy to envy the perceived good fortune of others - you will gain nothing by it except bitterness. Instead, focus upon how you can increase your own good fortune.
Create your own luck
People who are considered lucky are often the ones who have worked hard to create this good fortune. Positive thinking and an optimistic outlook go a long way into manifesting good fortune. This doesn't mean that you should be foolish and impulsive. Another key aspect of people who seem to be lucky is that they explore all the possibilities, forward plan and organise carefully to minimise the chance of things going wrong. Keep your eyes open for every opportunity that comes your way. Listen to your intuition, your inner voice is the best guide to achieving good fortune. Most of all: relax! Trust that things will turn out for the best. If you are constantly worrying about the bad things that could happen, you won't have chance to recognise the opportunities that are already here!
Good Luck Charms
Although it's most often your outlook and actions that define your luck quota, carrying around a lucky talisman can give you a psychological boost. Attract positive vibes with these traditional tokens of good fortune.
-Photo of a loved one: Whether it's a lover, friend, pet, child or parent, carrying around an image you hold dear will make you feel constantly loved and this feeling attracts positivity.
-Ganesha: The Hindu elephant god is known as the bringer of good luck and prosperity but he also signifies the opening up of your spiritual sense. Place a statue of Ganesha in your living room.
-Scarab: The ancient Egyptians believed scarab beetles symbolised spiritual renewal and transformation and could protect you from harm. Wear scarab costume jewellery to attract good luck.
-Acorn: Ancient British tradition says that carrying around an acorn will imbue you with the vitality and longevity of its tree, the oak.
-Laughing Buddha: This big-bellied Chinese god, called Budai (or Hotei in Japan), will smile good fortune through your home. Place his statue facing your front door to attract only positive energy into your home.
-Number 7: A master spiritual number that attracts abundance and can be a catalyst for change in your life. Carry around a playing card number 7, or write the number down and pop it in your pocket.
-Horseshoe: Hang it over your front door to attract good luck in to your home and repel bad vibes


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