Do Something Childlike And Give In And Laugh!

Everyone has an inner child, it’s the part of us that just naturally wants to let go. Release the inner child, let go of blame, treat life like a game

Everyone has an inner child, it’s the part of us that just naturally wants to let go, the part that doesn’t judge and the part that doesn’t care about what others think. Releasing your inner child is about finding joy and happiness in the simple things and not worrying about how silly or stupid you feel or look. Some of us are born with a natural curiosity about the world, we are fidgety and restless and we remember our childhood and spend ages reflecting on some of the adventures we might have encountered or words we once used. We might even think about the places we used to go to and the friends we use to keep.

Being around a child can be a very refreshing experience and they often remind us of the unwanted burdens that we carry around unnecessarily. Children do not carry heavy burdens because they have not yet learned how to fear the future, but as we grow older we tend to listen more to others and in a sense we are almost conditioned to fear the worst. It can be very difficult to break free and live for the “here and now”.

Grasping hold of that concept might be a very useful thing to do, as we fear so much as adults, looking to our children can work gracefully because their responses are so natural, they are fresh in the universe and live each moment carefree and it can remind us about the way we once were, when we were children and when we had no cares or worries in the world. Many of the things we worry about are not likely to occur and – spending time with children can help us realise this, even reflecting on our own inner child can help us as happy memories begin to resurface. Of course there can be bad memories but somewhere along the lines you will more than often be able to place a past friend or childhood sweetheart that made you feel happy. It may even be a place you use to go to that made you feel like a prince/princess. Hold on to that thought – you can make it a reality again.

Have you ever noticed how calm you feel when you talk about something that makes you feel happy? Or how revitalised you feel when you let your barriers down? Letting the real you out can work wonders, but more importantly you allow the real person to come out without worrying about what those around you think. You may also begin to see positive changes taking place in your social circle. If you allow yourself to be open with others then they will also be open with you and the quality of relationships in general can improve tremendously.

To give into the inner child is to say: ”Yes! I have a child within that wants to bounce up and down, say what’s on my mind, shout, scream and go mad! Why not?

The good thing about children is that they hold no baggage, and have very little anxiety. They are carefree within their choices. Everyone needs to play and laugh and forget about the general stresses and strains that life brings. So perhaps let go of the outer world for just a few moments? Go inwards instead, where your fantasies and dreams belong. Give yourself permission to let go.

"I release my inner child, I let go of blame, I now give myself permission to treat life like a game”

Treating life like a game does not mean playing “mind games” it simply means having a bit of fun and being more relaxed around others. You could even pretend that you are someone else for a while ? Just like a child does! Sometimes we enter into difficult situations and confrontations when we least expect to, our minds can overreact and it’s easy to become intimidated, but if you see yourself as an actor or an actress in a play each time a difficult situation arises, you may well be pleasantly surprised at just how well you handle the situation.
Perhaps you have a close friend that makes you laugh? Or aspire to a famous idol? When you feel awkward or uneasy perhaps picture the characteristics of that person in your mind as this will help give you the confidence that you need to get yourself through.

Even if a situation seems impossible to resolve try your best to laugh at it instead, laughter is said to be a great cure for bringing the focus away from anger, guilt, stress and just negative emotions in general. If you can laugh at something first, even if it seems slightly tragic you’re almost half way there! Studies so far have also revealed that laughter can help relieve pain, bring greater happiness, and even increase immunity. It’s also a great way to workout the diaphragm which then contracts the abs and even works out the shoulders, leaving muscles more relaxed afterwards. It even provides a good little workout for the heart! So you have no excuse not to laugh!

Take care of your inner child with some exercises /meditations

Perhaps imagine that you have just stepped into the universe as you are. You don’t know anything about anyone. You are exploring and finding out about new things and everything is an adventure. Perhaps you will take a different route back from work? Perhaps you will try a new food? Whatever it is, it is exciting and a new journey!

Another idea, is to sit with a group of friends and discuss what you use to love doing as a child. The conversation will undoubtedly stir up enthusiasm as you bring yourself closer to the times where you didn’t care about bills, relationships or money. You could talk about absolutely anything.. Sweets you use to buy, things you use to say, friends you use to hang around with, games you use to play etc.

Perhaps discuss why it is you don’t do those things anymore? Such as playing board games, going for magical walks or doing something silly like dressing up.
The tiniest of things can bring warmth and light to the soul. Try it, just be silly! You might like it!



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