2022 Numerology Reading Predictions

Revealing deep insights into your inner being, heart’s desires, and outer vibes, numerology can revolutionise our understanding of life and our sense of self.

What Is Numerology, And How Can It Help You In 2022?

Numerology is the study of your date of birth and your name to calculate numbers that reveal something about yourself. Each type of number has its own significant meaning, and every calculated number signifies a certain energy. 

For example, number 1 denotes natural-born leaders, independence, and innovation; number 3 stands for optimism and self-expression; people with number 6 are the typical parental figure; number 9 is compassion and healing; and so on. 

Thus, numerology can be used to explain certain difficult aspects of our lives, discover unknown character traits, and also allow us to understand our friends, family, and romantic partners on a deeper level

Numerology can also be used to forecast the day, month, year, or years ahead. These ‘cycles’, as they are known, allow you to effectively plan and prepare, and perhaps schedule the most opportune times for certain events. 

Let’s take a look at the year 2022 for example. This is 2+0+2+2=6, which means that things are looking to take a positive turn after the inconsistency of 2021. However, this is only what is known as the Universal Year number - get in touch for a numerology reading to get your Personal Year number from Psychic Sofa

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Numerology Readings: What To Expect

During your numerology reading, your reader will use the findings of careful studies to calculate one or more of your numbers and use this to study their implications to your life. Here you can find a guide to all the numbers, and what they mean for you. 

The Life Path Number

Your Life Path number is arguably the most important aspect of your numerology chart, known as the ‘Ruling Number’. As the name suggests, this number reveals insights about the life you will live and the path you will take. This includes things such as your purpose, experiences, and lessons you will learn along the way. 

The Life Path number will stay the same throughout your entire life, as it is calculated from your full date of birth. 

The Destiny Number 

Destiny numbers are the second most important number of a personal numerology reading, revealing astounding insights into your innate abilities, and who you are destined to become. The Destiny number is particularly important for people who are looking for deeper insights into their career from their numerology reading. 

It is calculated using the Expression number, otherwise known as the Name number. In other words, it is focused on the power of the name you were given at birth. 

The Soul Urge Number 

Numerology reports that the Soul Urge number can provide insights into what your soul requires in order to feel fulfilled. In other words, it can reveal your biggest, even hidden, desires. You can use this information to make positive changes in your life, helping you feel more complete. 

Numerology readers use the number of vowels you have in your name to find your Soul number. Finding out the desires of your heart and soul can also be achieved outside of numerology readings through mindfulness and meditation

The Personality Number 

Personality numbers can show how others might perceive you - the face you put on in public or social situations.  If you are more familiar with the Zodiac astrology birth chart, this is a similar concept to that of your Ascendant or Rising sign from your astrology forecasts

However, unlike accurate astrology charts that are based on the study of the placement of planets and stars, numerology advisors calculate your Personality number based on the number of consonants in your name. 

The Maturity Number 

The Maturity number is particularly powerful for people aged around 45 and over, as it can provide additional insight into your strengths and destiny in the second half of your life. Numerology calculators often regard this as one of the most interesting numbers, as it can highlight your ultimate goal in life, and thus your potential for the future. 

The Current Name Number 

Unlike some of the other Name numbers, the Current Name number is the numerology of the name that you use on a daily basis, not including any middle names. This might be the same as your names at birth, legally changed, or business names such as a stage name. 

Otherwise known as the Minor Expression number, your Current Name number can give insights into the energies that using your name puts out into the world, and how it is perceived, revealing additional traits, experiences, lessons, strengths, and weaknesses. 

The Birth Day Number 

As opposed to how Zodiac astrology is detailed, your birthday doesn’t play a significant role in a numerology reading. However, your Birth Day number can reveal the hidden talent that you were born with, which will come in handy over the course of your Life Path. 


Logistics Of A Numerology Reading

Both in-person and online numerology readings can significantly vary in time. Ultimately, it depends on how in depth you wish to get during your session. 

For example, if you are to require only one number, a single-digit number, then a reading might take only around 3-10 minutes. 

However, for more detailed readings amounting to double-digit numbers or even 3- to 4- digit numbers, it's best to assume it will be a 30-60 minute session. 

Of course, numerology is an ancient study dating back to ancient times, so it is almost impossible to predict how long your modern-day numerology reading will take - especially if it begins to reveal a mass of interesting insights! In these cases, don’t be afraid to ask for some additional time or additional minutes to discuss what you have discovered. 

Learning About Your 2022 Numerology Chart With Our Psychic Readers

For your Numerology chart reading, please call us today on 0905 789 7752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 0161 864 0152. Or, download the Psychic Sofa app! We can also offer a range of other readings, including angel cards (or, Angels), tarot cards and horoscopes. 


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