11 Signs you’re Psychic!

Everyone has a personal super-power that protects and guides towards the best choices in life. It's called your sixth sense or intuition - and you have it. But some people's spiritual senses go much deeper. Because some people are psychic

Am I Psychic 


Just like intuition or sixth sense, being psychic is a spiritual sense that has not yet been explained in full. But those who have it know it exists! You can be psychic from the moment you are born, or psychic ability can develop as you mature and gather life experience. If you've ever wondered about strange coincidences in your life, or often have a sense of knowing about something before it happens, you might have psychic talents. Read on to discover the signs that you could be psychic.


1) You are super-sensitive

It's not that you're grumpy or uptight! But you are super-sensitive to other people's emotions. That's because psychics are highly empathic, which means you literally feel other people's pain. You are caring and want to help others. It's your mission in life. Try to help others without taking on their pain. It's a tough ask for a psychic, but it's something you can learn along your spiritual journey.


2) You know what's going to happen

OK, so this is the classic sign of a psychic. But it's probably not as dramatic as you are expecting. Premonitions won't give you the winning lottery numbers, and very rarely do they predict big world events (although they can). Most usually, a psychic premonitions will be related to something going on in your life, or the life of someone you care about. It's like a more advanced form of intuition. You can experience psychic precognition in the form of feelings, visions, sensations or dreams.


3) You're aware of your third eye

Even if you have no idea what your third eye is, you might be experiencing psychic awakenings through it! To explain, your third eye is the area between your eyebrows, then upwards by an inch. So just below the centre point of your forehead. It's an energy centre or chakra that links you to psychic awareness. So if you feel light pressure or a tingling sensation in this spot, you might be opening up to psychic ability.


4) You feel energy from objects

Have you ever touched an object and immediately had a strange image, thought or sensation? As if this information was transmitted from the object to you? If so, you have experienced the psychic ability called psychometry. For example if you pick up an old ring you might get impressions of the person who wore it before. This psychic skill can be very comforting to the relatives of people who have passed into spirit.


5) You seek out spiritual people

You want to be around spiritual people because they are on your wavelength. You don't get judged for the seemingly strange things you experience because spiritual people are open to these experiences, too.


6) You're an agony aunt

If friends and family often turn to you for advice and your opinion is highly valued by everyone who knows you - it might be because you are psychic. Other people think of you as a wise person or an agony aunt, who has good advice for every dilemma. The reason for this could be you are claircognizant psychic. This means you have the psychic ability to 'know'. Meaning you can see the truth in any situation and can advise on the best way to solve any problem.


7) You know what someone is thinking

If friends are always telling you that you said exactly what they were just thinking, you might be a telepath. That's the type of psychic who can read or sense other people's thoughts. This psychic sense often develops between people with a very close emotional bond, such as long-term romantic partners of close friends.


8) The top of your head feels tingly

Another physical sensation of psychic awakening is a tingling, tickling or scratching on the top of your head. This is where your crown chakra is located, it's the energy centre that connects you to the spirit world. So feeling a sensation there can be a sign your angel or spirit guide is trying to communicate with you.


9) You see angelic signs

If you sense a spirit being, such as an angel, through a feeling, a colour or an emotion, you could be psychic. Angels may leave signs for you to show that it's time to open up to your psychic side, if you want to. Signs include white feathers, pleasant coincidences, finding shiny objects or messages through songs.


10) You have vivid dreams

Dreams are a big indicator of psychic ability. The more vividly you recall your dreams the more connected you are to your psychic side. Look for messages and patterns within your dreams.


11) You see spirits

This is the typical thing people think of if you talk about psychic ability. But it's actually extremely rare! And surprisingly, if doesn't necessarily mean you are psychic. If you see spirits of deceased people, you are a medium. That is someone who can hear, see or sense communication from those in the spirit world. You may also be psychic, or you may not be. While screaming phantoms might make for a good horror film, that's not the experience of most mediums. Spirits usually communicate subtly through impressions, feelings or emotions.




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