All About Psychic Dreams

In this blog, we take a look at the three main types of psychic dreams, what they mean and how they can impact us in the long run.

all about psychic dreams

Dreams are so much more than windows into the subconscious mind. Through dreams we can predict the future, communicate with the spirit world and experience events that may impact the physical world. Every night, our dreaming body - known as our astral body - leaves the conscious world and enters a timeless dimension where we simply exist. We understand that our souls are connected to everything and everyone, and the importance of love, kindness and spirituality. In this blog, we take a look at the three main types of psychic dreams, what they mean and how they can impact us in the long run. These psychic dreams include precognitive dreams, telepathic dreams and clairvoyant dreams.

Precognitive Dreams

Dreams that predict future events are known as precognitive dreams. For example, have you ever had a dream about a person you’ve not seen in years, and then you run into them a few days later? Or maybe you’ve dreamt about winning a race or winning the lottery, and then shortly after you’ve gotten a promotion or won something that had meaning to you. These are examples of precognitive dreams, and can be predictors of both good and bad events to come. They can also predict fine details of an event that will take place in the future - for example, the date and time that the event will take place.

In interpreting precognitive dreams, it’s important to distinguish between those which actually are psychic dreams, and those that relate to the dreamer’s psyche. For example, you may dream about an event that has already happened, because you were thinking about it earlier that day. Also, the psychic dream may not materialise for a number of years. Many women dream about their ‘’dream man’’ for example, and then have him show up later on in life.

Telepathic Dreams

Telepathic dreams are dreams where we appear to have touched the consciousness of another person and have accurately revealed his or her thoughts, actions or life situation. For example, dreaming that a relative is unhappy and then discovering that he or she has just broken up with their partner, is unwell, or is going through something traumatic highlights our ability to communicate with each other in the dream state through telepathic channels. Telepathic dreams may involve people who are far away, or those who sleep in the next room. There is no distance or barriers between two souls in telepathic dreams.

It is not uncommon for a wife to dream about her husband’s infidelity, or for a mother to dream that her child is struggling with something. Telepathic dreams can help guide our actions - whether it’s to leave a bad relationship or help out those in need - leading to better futures for everyone.

Clairvoyant Dreams

Clairvoyant dreams are those where we psychically connect with an object or situation in the physical world. For example, dreaming about natural disasters and then waking up to the news that an earthquake has occurred is an example of a clairvoyant dream. 

Clairvoyant dreams suggest that we are not separate from the body of the earth and that changes or disturbances in the earth can readily be perceived by the dreaming mind. 

If you experience precognitive dreams, clairvoyant dreams and telepathic dreams with great frequency, then you are known as being a ‘psychic sensitive’. 
Psychic dreams can help us determine the life path we should take, our reason for being, and how we can help make the lives of those around us beautiful. But deciphering dreams is no easy feat, and requires a specialist psychic reader to ensure accuracy and precision. If you’re wondering what your dreams could mean, then we encourage you to get in touch with our psychic readers today. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152.


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