Are you psychic?

Some information on psychic and spiritual abilities including guidance on how to tune into your own individual strengths

Many of us have encountered spiritual and psychic experiences such as a light flickering unexpectedly as a warning, or the phone ringing when you know who it is, or seeing things that are a little unexplained. It can be hard labelling your psychic or spiritual ability and you may well just bypass it as a “coincidence” but what if someone was actually trying to communicate with you? What if you really were psychic but you just didn’t know?

Sometimes communication from spirit can be hard to determine as we tend to walk around with blinkers on due the concerns of our day to day living routines and lifestyles, but some of us are actually in tune without even realising. A good example of psychic ability is a cat as they are known to have a sixth sense which is often why psychics are naturally drawn to them.

Cats often know when something is wrong, for instance, the room may seem calm but all of a sudden they may become alarmed or stare at something that doesn’t seem to be there. Because cats do not hold on to the stresses and strains of daily living, such as relationships and bills their senses are automatically heightened and they are able to adapt to different types of energies and even know when their owners are unwell.

Cats are not distracted by the outside world so much so have sharper intuition.
This is why quite often when we go through a crisis and release old truths that are no longer needed we open our minds up and begin to see life in a different way as if we have remerged. Letting go of objects and memories that distort our views enables us to see things more clearly. Clairvoyance stands for “Clear seeing” which means seeing things for how they truly are, but in order to do this it is important to let go of the unnecessary bits of information that your mind doesn’t need, otherwise it can be like trying to drive in thick fog.

Being psychic or discovering you are psychic can seem quite overwhelming as we have no real knowledge of where we channel the information from or why we are channelling specific information. Sometimes the information doesn’t even make sense, yet we feel a need to pass it on. Researchers believe that what we have is a shared consciousness - or superconsciousness - that connects all people and perhaps all living things which can explain telepathic instinct (tapping into someone else’s’ thoughts) Clairvoyance (clear seeing) and Mediumship (passing on messages from the deceased).

Psychic writer, Russel Steward encourages people to train their thoughts. You have to begin by telling yourself that you are psychic and can repeat this to yourself daily as this kind of talk is known to have a scientific basis. It is a known fact that when someone continues to teach themselves something whether a physical or mental skill their brain physically starts to change and in this case the process works by rewiring your brain for psychic ability with your own belief attached to it. Russel explains that it takes time for the subconscious mind to communicate with the conscious mind but the best way to tap into your own psychic ability is to keep repeating the words – that you are actually psychic into your mind. It is also handy to read about psychic studies and spirituality as much as you possibly can, perhaps exploring all kinds of psychic tools as well? Crystals, cards and runes. It is also very important that you allow your thoughts to wander, if you feel something drifting into your mine, try not to shake it off, it’s about going with the flow of your own thoughts.

Some things to try to enhance your psychic abilities:


This is when two people stand or sit next to each other.
It can work in two different ways. One is that you blindfold a participant you have never met and see if you can link into their energy. The other is simply staring at that person and trying to pick up information about their personality.
When you are trying to hone in on someone it is important that you do not put yourself under necessary pressure but that you relax. Visualise the person you are working on as a bright ball of white light. Notice sounds or voices, perhaps even thoughts that come into your head about that person. You might even see colours or images. Perhaps you see a town? Or you pick up their favourite colour. It could be absolutely anything but it really is as simple as paying attention to the first thought that enters your head such as a favourite animal or game they like to play. Even if it is a random, unusual thoughts, just say it - you are usually right!


You can work on predictions yourself before predicting for other people. If you are fairly new to adapting your psychic skills try picking an angel card or a tarot card each day. Study the meaning of the card and then apply your own thoughts to it. What does the card mean to you? Is there anything that jumps out? Perhaps ask spirit if there are any messages they would like to give you. Again notice the first thought that comes into your head – you may even notice things throughout the day that give out clues to the predictions you have set yourself. Pay attention and write them down or record them on your phone.
Another idea is to write your own predictions for the week ahead first thing on a Monday morning - what do you expect to happen? What would you want to happen? Or what would you imagine to happen? Think about clothes you might wear, people you might see or places you might go to.

Are my skills worth enhancing?


I am good at helping others with stress and can heal their problems
I can offer divine guidance
I feel very sensitive towards my surroundings
I know how detach and protect myself
I often see strong images in my minds eye
I often predict things that happen
I am good at working out the deeper meaning behind things that don’t seem obvious at the time
I love investigation
I sense how others are feeling without me asking them
I often meditate and visualise scenes without realising I am doing so
I know when to step back
I can sense and pick up bad atmospheres
I can receive and hear messages outside the human earth plane
I am in touch with animals and nature
I can sense when something good or bad is about to happen
I feel a deep empathy towards others



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