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A look at alternative methods of divination

Everyone needs a little help with the big decisions in life. Whether it's advice on a new relationship or suggestions about a fresh direction for your career, tried and tested methods of divination, such as tarot and psychic readings, are the first choices for the spiritually savvy.
But complementing these established forms of divination are a range of other interesting options all used for taking a peek into your future.

Pendulum Dowsing

Dowsing is a traditional technique of using metal rods to find water or precious gemstones. A pendulum works in a similar way but instead of discovering water, you will tap into your subconscious to answer questions about your life.
Think of a pendulum as a communication device with a direct line to your higher, spiritual self.
You can make a pendulum from a short length of string with a small weight attached to the end. For instance, you could use a conker, a shell, or a ring. But readymade pendulums with pieces of crystal attached to them are widely available for less than five pounds. Choose a crystal you feel drawn to or one whose properties you want to harness. If you are unsure, clear quartz is a good choice. Cleanse the pendulum in cold water before using it, asking for any residual energy to be removed from it. Ask that you be protected while dowsing and that all answers to be for your highest good.

Try this...
1) Hold the pendulum in your left hand (or in your right hand if you are left-handed) at the top of the string. Get used to how it feels. Dangle it over your free hand or over your knee.
2) Start gently swinging the pendulum forward and backwards. Ask in your head, for the pendulum to show you what 'yes' looks like. Usually the pendulum will begin a clockwise circle. Then ask what 'no' looks like - usually anticlockwise. Then ask what 'perhaps' looks like - usually a straight line. But your pendulum responses may vary.
3) Practice asking questions you know the answer to, such as, 'how many rooms are there in my house?' To receive the pendulum's answer you need to then ask 'one?' then wait for the pendulum to swing a negative response, then ask 'two?' and so on until you reach the correct number and the pendulum swings a positive result.
4) Ask simple yes or no questions to issues you want divining.
*Is my relationship healthy?
*Am I in the right career?
*Is the new house I like the best choice for me?
5) Observe the direction the pendulum moves to receive your answer.

Face Reading

Physiognomy, or face reading, is the ability to discern a person's character by looking at the features on their face. Ancient Greek thinkers practiced the technique, while the ancient Chinese thought your face reflected your spirit.

Face Shape Meanings:
Round: Likes to be in a committed relationship. You have a sensitive and caring personality.
Rectangular: Workaholics with a practical and methodical approach. Natural athletes but some have a tendency to vanity.
Square: Forceful and ambitious, you have no problem getting your point across. Can be seen as bossy, usually has a keen intellect.
Triangular: Deep thinkers with a fiery temper, but sensitive at heart.
Oval: Full of ideas with keen sense of justice. Good at following the rules but creative, too.
Large forehead: An ideas person.
Flat forehead: Practical and logical person.

Nose with full tip: demonstrates a warm personality and empathy for others.
Very large nose tip: could show aggressive tendencies.
Aquiline nose: A dominant person who is likely to be a leader in life.
Upturned nose: Passive and eager to please. Likes to socialise.

Thin top lip: You find it hard to trust people.
Full top lip: You are very trusting and open.
Full lips: Fun-loving personality.
Thin lips: Well-developed sense of self; can become egotistical.

Jaw line
Strong jaw: Decisive and quick to judge. Energetic.
Receding jaw: Easily influenced.

Face Lines
Crow’s feet: Your laughter lines show you are an open person at ease in social situations.
Frown lines: these dual set of vertical lines on the forehead just above the nose show you are a decisive person with strong opinions.
Purpose lines: These marks from nose to mouth demonstrate you are sure of your path in life.


A form of visual fortune telling, scrying is receiving visions of events past, present or future through the medium of a reflective surface. Looking into a shiny surface, such as glass, crystal, mirror or natural elements such as water, smoke or fire, practitioners of scrying believe they can see what may come to pass.
The most well-known example of scrying is the fortune teller with a crystal ball. It is thought that looking into a reflective surface may focus the mind and send the scryer into a trance-like state from where they can access a series of images related to the subject upon which they are seeking information.
The seer Nostradamus is said to have used scrying into a mirror to produce his famous predictions.

Try this...
*Choose a scrying surface - a mirror, a flame or a large crystal are probably easiest.
*Dim the lights in the room so you can focus on your scrying surface. Burning incense or playing meditation music is a good idea to heighten your senses.
*Meditate for ten minutes to clear your mind.
*Look into the surface of your scrying medium but focus just past it.
*Think about the subject you want clarity on. Allow images to flow from your mind. See images in the reflective surface. Let them flow.
*Scrying takes practice to perfect. So keep trying.


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