Follow the magic - The Magician

Believing in your abilities.

Whenever we see the Magician in a reading we know that we have the amenities and abilities to do absolutely anything we want! This card can be both a virtue and a great manipulator!
The card connects to Hermes who was the God of tricks, scandals, communications and travel. He was frivolous with a mischievous character. He was also connected to the patron of thieves and liars but he was also the ruler of magic! 

Because of his talents and ability to accomplish all most anything he was a trusted messenger of the Gods and although a little deceitful and ambiguous he stayed true to his word when times needed him to do so. There is often a feeling of genius in this card. That one has vast abilities and an overload of knowledge, they can become reckless with the surplus that they carry and it can often seem that there are too many messages for the seeker to comprehend. Therefore one may become scattered, nervy and even eccentric.
With such a mixture of earthy passions however we must think wisely when this card shows its face to  us. This card tell us that no matter how lost or confused we may be there is something within that gives us the foresight  to move forwards. This is often hidden from our consciousness so it is easy to feel daunted in this regard and let go of what we think we know, but Hermes, (The Magician) advises us to keep moving and continue to seek the journey ahead as it is sure to be a good one.
It is important to bear in mind however that the Magician is an individual and he does not always come when he is called. He has the nerve to push boundaries and play crafty games. He can appear like a sudden hunch and offer quick solutions to what seem like insurmountable problems, once we have seen how easy life can become through bearing knowledge we can begin to rise again. Knowledge is power and the key to our success. The Magician is there to guide us and to let us know that it is time to trust our intuition.

What do we do with him?
When the Magician shows up in your reading thank him! As he can relate to all spheres of life, whether it be test trials, work ethics, interviews or quarrels with loved ones. Whatever the case, the Magician can  find a way around it without blazing arguments or adversity where we can often become submerged or engulfed into a deep pool of emotional distress. The Magician points out that there is no need to take the route of desolation, why? When there are so many other ways around it that can create sunshine, laughter and light.
You know this already, you know because you have drawn the card of Hermes, the Magician who gets you out of frustrating places. This is a fantastic energy to be working with when you thought you could no longer grapple with the mundane search for work. Even if your creativity is blocked the energy that this card prevails reminds you that it won’t be blocked for much longer and that you mustn’t give up – your talents are far greater than what you imagined.
Hermes message:

There are avenues that you are yet to walk down and potential skills that you could me missing. Your intuition is about to become a lot sharper and you may start to notice signs that come to you as if out of nowhere, you may also end up in a swirl of spiritual, creative energy feeling utterly relived and transformed. This is the work of Hermes – so leave all senses open.
Even if you have not received this card in a tarot reading, why not try meditating upon it? It will more often than not awaken your senses and offer unexpected guidance. If you notice communication overflows or that you receive strange messages, be prepared to decode them! This is a sign that the messenger has heard your prayer and is encouraging you to venture out and expand your horizons so you can find the missing part to your inner world!
Other myths about Hermes and Magician.
  • When Hermes was only a baby he toddled out of his cradle and stole a herd of cattle from his brother, Apollo, the Sun God. To then fool Apollo he put on sandals which faced backward, so that the angry God went into the wrong direction looking for the culprit. When Apollo finally confronted him, Hermes presented him with a gift. A lyre which he made from tortoiseshell. Apollo was so beguiled that he forgot about the cattle and in return bestowed upon Hermes a gift of his own and then Hermes became the master of four elements earth, water, fire and air. 
  • Sometimes the magician represents an important person in your life who recognises your individuality and encourages you to unleash your thoughts and creativity. It could be that your skills are even about to shift or change in some way.
  • If you pull the magician and it is reversed then it often implies that there is a lack of focus and a possible drop in enthusiasm. The reversal asks you to think about your talents and self confidence so that you can develop. Quite often the person in question will have been ignoring hidden talents or feels particularly blocked in expressing them.


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