How Psychic Are You?

If you take the time to feel, nurture and flex your natural intuition, you may find that your psychic gift is much stronger than you think!

There are many of us who believe and understand that there are some people with incredibly strong psychic abilities, and at Psychic Sofa, we are proud to be able to nurture them and help them perfect and share their knowledge through our telephone psychic readings. What you might not know, however, is just how many people there are out there with psychic abilities!

There are lots of psychics, astrologers and spiritual communities who believe that everyone has some form of psychic ability, but that the strength of this ability varies depending on how well you can nurture it. If we ignore these abilities, or put them down to instinct or deja vu, it’s not likely they’ll manifest very strongly. On the other hand, if you take the time to feel, nurture and flex your natural intuition, you may find that your psychic gift is much stronger than you think! If you’re interested in finding out more, keep reading or give our online psychic readings a go by calling 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152.

how psychic are you

What Is and Isn’t a Psychic Ability, and Where Does It Come From?

This is a very difficult question since there’s no concrete answer, and you’ll probably get a different answer from anyone you ask! After all, even the existence of extrasensory perception is shunned by many. However, there is a wealth of both anecdotal evidence and even some scientific research that suggests that psychic abilities aren’t as outlandish as non-believers might think!

For example, some believe that our human intuition and “gut feeling” are just parts of how our brains work, while others would class them as something with roots in extrasensory perception. Psychic skills come from being able to process both tangible messages (including sights, sounds, feelings and responses), and more intangible ones that come to us on a deeply emotional and spiritual level.

For this reason, when we try to define psychic skills and abilities, one of the best ways to look at it is as a spectrum, rather than saying one type of ability is psychic, while another ability is not. However, there are some people who will have naturally stronger abilities than others, for a variety of different reasons, whether it’s been passed down through the generations or you are simply more open and attuned to the spiritual world.

There are ways you can identify and train your own abilities to make them stronger and allow you to understand more about your own extrasensory abilities, but this isn’t for everyone. Many of us are happy to acknowledge the abilities we have and accept them for what they are, without looking to develop them any further. Both of these are totally valid and it’s completely up to you how much time and energy you put towards your psychic abilities, wherever they fall on the spectrum!

psychic abilities

Where does psychic ability come from, we hear you ask? There are lots of different ways psychics can come into their abilities, whether it’s a gift they had as a child and never lost, something they became interested in as an adult, or something that has been triggered in adolescence or adult life by a strong emotion or defining event.

More often than not, those of us with naturally strong psychic abilities will have developed them as a child. This can be handed down to us through a close friend or family member, or simply appear in particularly intuitive children. When we are young, we are naturally more imaginative and impressionable, meaning we notice all kinds of signs, signals and messages our adult selves would pay no mind. As we get older, we are usually taught to ignore these things and to focus only on the physical rather than the spiritual, which results in us losing, or forgetting, many of the gifts we developed as children. However, if you have a particularly strong natural gift, or grow up in an environment that is accepting and encouraging of this kind of intuition, you may see it grow and blossom as you get older.

On the other hand, psychic abilities can be triggered or re-born in adulthood, through either an interest in, and practice of, your gifts, or through an event which brings these memories flooding back, unlocking your own psychic ability.

Signs That You Have Psychic Abilities - Lights, Feelings, Action

1. Strong gut feelings

A very strong sense of intuition or having a gut feeling that is always right might simply mean you’re very perceptive and intelligent, but it may also suggest that you have an extrasensory ability that lets you pick up on signs and signals that others may miss. Some people recognise their psychic abilities when they feel a strong emotion, or feel pulled to do or say something without knowing why, only to find out later something has come to pass that would make them feel that way. For example, feeling an intense sadness all afternoon, before finding out a loved one passed away the following morning.

2. Feeling strong, unexplained emotions

Feeling strong emotions on its own is, of course, not a sign that you may have extrasensory gifts! However, if you find yourself incredibly influenced by the emotions of people you don’t know, feel overwhelmed in crowds due to all the feelings and signals around, or feel incredibly drained after being with others, this may be an indication that you are highly attuned to the extrasensory energies of others.

3. Seeing lights and colours around living beings

If you can see auras and flashes like this without any prior practice, the chances are that you are naturally very psychic! Often this ability presents itself as a ray of light or a particular colour around people you meet or in places you go. You may also see flashes or pops of colour, which may be spirits nearby or a strong message being communicated.

signs you have psychic abilities

Whatever your level of psychic ability, getting in touch with a reader can be a great help to you, allowing you to talk about the things you see and feel, learn more about yourself and get guidance from someone who truly understands you. To get your psychic telephone reading, please don’t hesitate to give our experienced psychic readers a call on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152.




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