How to Recognise and Shield Yourself from Psychic Vampires

Learn how to recognise the Psychic Vampires in your life and how to shield yourself from their dirty tricks.

Everything in existence is made up of vibrating energy. From this energy flow, life as we know it is sprung. And as the laws of reality dictate everyone has their own unique vibrational frequency, and it is through this unique frequency that the law of attraction takes place.

That is, similar frequencies attract one another, no matter their superficial difference.

This metaphysical connection binds all sorts of different things together, even if we are not aware of it. The law of attraction even extends to who we attract as a person, both the good and the bad. The Yin and the Yang.

Energy vampirism is just one example of a vibrational attraction that may occur.

Energy vampirism is a parasitic relationship between two people in which one person feeds off the life force energy (also known as prana) of the other individual. These people are known as Psychic Vampires. They are known as such because it feels as if they are draining the very energy from within your being.

But is this really the case? What is really going on when we talk about Psychic Vampires, and are there any clues to help us recognise them and ways to protect ourselves from them, too?

What Do Psychic Vampires Actually Do?

While the name suggests that Psychic Vampires knowingly and willingly take energy away from us, what’s really happening is quite different. Contrary to belief, another person cannot suck the life or energy out of us; they can merely displace it and stop us from tuning into our own energy flow.

The energy we receive from our higher self -or our soul- only comes from one source alone and cannot be taken away from us or latched onto. Let us simply call it our Life Source. The only thing that can happen to our Life Source is self-restriction. We are the only ones who can tamper with it and drain it.

This is the greatest misconception when it comes to the notion of Psychic Vampires. They themselves do nothing to our Life Source; it is us who are doing it to ourselves!

I’m sure some of you may be confused by this notion. Simply put, a Psychic Vampire is someone whose very virtue of being irritates your Life Source to such an extent that we start negatively reacting to their presence. They are a person who dampens your spirit when they are around, not because of something they are physically doing to us, but because when they are around our own mental thoughts and emotions change in such a way they restrict our own access to our Life Source.

Our energy feels drained around these individuals because we are cutting off our own energy flow for being around them. We are making ourselves feel bad because we want to feel bad around them. We haven’t learnt to cut the cord. We accept that a parasitic relationship has evolved and allow it to happen, even though we dislike it. This is when the negative symptoms start to appear.

Psychic Vampires are a part of a vicious self-loathing cycle. Psychic Vampires are people who have often been hurt and betrayed in the past. As a consequence they do not feel as if they are deserving of anything good; of love, of friendship, of happiness. And because of this negative cycle they cannot fulfil their own needs. So they turn to others. They become Psychic Vampires to appease their own misery. They make other peoples Life Source and energy feel weaker than their own in order to make themselves feel stronger, as if there isn’t a problem at all. This is their guise, their protective shield.

People with such a disposition tend to be labelled as weak. But they are no weaker than the majority of us. They simply haven’t learnt to tap into their own Life Source yet.

Because this is what it all stems from - an inability to realise our own potential. You see, just as our Life Source becomes restricted around these people, so too has theirs. This is the law of attraction.

Remember the law of attraction?

Well, according to it we can only attract things that are similar to ourselves. Perhaps you are starting to understand what I am about to say... A Psychic Vampire has no “victim”. A Psychic Vampire only attracts others who are exactly the same. The victim has a negative outlook just a bad as the Vampire, and could be classed as a Psychic Vampire themselves!

Psychic Vampires and their victims are two sides of the same coin.

Let’s turn it around for a moment. Just like the Psychic Vampire preys upon another’s energy to make their own low Life Source feel plentiful, so too does the “victim”. They look at the Vampire as a weak person, a bad guy while they are the good guy. They do not self-assess. Instead they choose to focus all their energy and intention on the bad guy and not themselves.

This is how the addiction begins.

So before you allow all your energy to be sucked away by someone like this and become someone of the same vein, here are a few tell-tale signs that you’re sharing a room with a Psychic Vampire, that you may be one yourself.


How to Spot a Psychic Vampire

Lack of Self Awareness

Just as so many before them, Psychic Vampires live in a perpetual state of survival rather than in a state of self love. Such a person does not feel the need to heal themselves, but instead turns to others for validation and pity. They seek other people’s approval without really approving of themselves. There is a distinct lack of character to the Psychic Vampire, even though they try desperately to fit in.

Surprisingly, people like this may often be found within spiritual communities. People who turn to spirituality tend to do so from a moment of self reflection and soul searching. Where do they belong? But people in such groups also tend to be more open and accepting – this is when and where a Psychic Vampire can strike easiest.

 Feed Off Negative Attention

This is possibly the most common indication of Psychic Vampirism. People who love this kind of attention are people who want all eyes on them, no matter the cause. They do not seek happiness and approval; they seek to bring everybody else’s energy flow down to a lower level than theirs. Because they do not wish to raise their energy, they do not seek healing. These people only know how to feed off people more vulnerable to attack than themselves. They don’t want to get better.

 Love to Guilt Trip

A Psychic Vampire knows how to play another person’s emotions. They know that by doing so they can tap into their energy and bring it down. They want others to show them approval, to acknowledge them. And they don’t care how they do it.

 Paranoid Perfectionist

The Psychic Vampire is all about appearance. What they lack in terms of a fulfilled life and self-acceptance, they make up for in terms of outside appearances. This is the friend who plays hard, but always calls afterwards to let you know what they’ve done and what you think about it. They feel the need to prove themselves far too often, when in fact the only person they need to impress is themselves.

 Martyr Complex

Do you have a friend who always seems to be annoyed at one thing or another? Do they constantly whine about a situation they’re in, while not doing anything about it? They’re a Psychic Vampire and they will leech all the good advice and support you can give them. Don’t expect them to change. They love being the victim of their own creation.


How to Spot If You’re the Victim

Do you have no boundaries when it comes to other people? Are you so focused on being the “good” guy that you try to help others and be there for them no matter how it makes you feel? Then I’m afraid to say, but you’re setting yourself up to be the victim of a Psychic Vampire.

These people prey on other’s who can’t say no. They do so because they know they can be easily manipulated and cannot turn them down.

In order to stop this happening, the victim must first realise that they are being used by the other person, and must then take steps to raise their vibration once more. But moreover, we must learn to not identify as a victim in the first place!

You should never get into such a state that you feel helpless and as if you are a victim. You should never feel as if you need protection from another person. You have set yourself up for this path by even thinking it.

No. We should not learn to “protect” ourselves, rather we should learn to EMPOWER ourselves –our minds and energy frequency- so this cannot happen in the first place!

Maybe after reading this, you have realised that you are a Psychic Vampire. But worry not. Acceptance is the first stage to recovery. Catch yourself in the act. Learn how to raise your frequency with these steps.


How to Shield Yourself from Psychic Vampires

Be Authentic

The best way to shield yourself from Psychic Vampires and stop becoming one... is to be yourself! Find out who you are and bask in your own self confidence. The more you accept all your little quirks the more you’ll grow to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Study and act like the people you respect and want to be like. Psychic Vampires hate people with self confidence. It’s a person’s insecurities that they feed off. So stop feeding them your self-doubt and lowering your Life Source energy. Be comfortable in your own skin and they’ll soon get the message that they can’t feed off you any longer.

Be Realistic

Learn to understand that nothing is black and white. The world is full of differences; not everyone is a victim, a bad guy, a good guy or the perpetrator. Stop boxing everything in – you’ll just accentuate any grievances that you already have. By realising this you will stop dampening your spirit and learn to accept – thus raising your Life Source energy.  

Stop Feeding the Flame!

Learn to say no. Sometimes it can be hard to tell someone to stop, that they are hurting you or you’re feeling mistreated; but more the most part it is for the best. If you continue nurturing parasitic relationships by refusing to say no, you are only ever aiding the problem. Learn to cut the cord and put your foot down. People will respect you more for it. And you will respect yourself more, too.

Learn to Love Yourself

This is a biggie. Now I know it can be difficult to love yourself some of the time. But by embracing the true you, warts and all, your true light can shine. A person who loves his or herself would never put themselves into a position where self-loathing or weakness may occur. They would realise negativity around them and not bother with it in the first place. By loving yourself you stop bad things from happening to you, because you choose not to engage it.

Know Your Boundaries

Psychic Vampires and victims have no boundaries. They constantly push them. A Vampire pushes their victim more and more to get what they need; a victim relinquishes their boundaries in order to accommodate the Vampire. By setting up personal boundaries and knowing when a person has crossed them, you stop the cycle. You know when you’ve gone too far and you respect your own autonomy.


I hope this guide will provide you with some enlightenment on Psychic Vampires, how to spot them and how to shield yourself from their wicked ways. However the biggest thing I hope you have learnt from the above is the fact that we can all be Psychic Vampires at some point. We just have to learn to observe our own behaviours and nip them in the bud before we hurt ourselves and others. Because that’s what it all boils down to in the end - self monitoring, self respect and self love.


Have you ever had a run-in with a Psychic Vampire but bounced back? Have you empowered yourself in new ways not discussed in this article? Let us know in the comments. And remember, our Psychics are always online and ready to help you, if you need!




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