How To Tap Into Psychic Abilities

Many of us possess psychic abilities - whether discovered as a child, or tapped into later on in life, there is huge potential for all of us to make use of our powers.

how to tap into your psychic abilities

Many of us possess psychic abilities - whether discovered as a child, or tapped into later on in life, there is huge potential for all of us to make use of our powers. One of the most important steps for those blessed with psychic gifts is to learn how to tap into these psychic abilities, because without knowing how to use them, you’ll never be able to see the full benefits and power that they present. If you want to learn more about psychic abilities and how to sharpen them, check out our guide below! 


Perhaps the most important factor in being able to take full control of your psychic powers is having belief in yourself and the gifts that you possess. Don’t get frustrated if things don’t fall into place straight away - psychic development can take a lot of time and practice - just keep working on your abilities and don’t give up the faith. By focusing on this belief, you’ll soon be able to stop ignoring your own intuition, which will enable you to really start growing and progressing as a psychic.


The more connected you are with your spiritual self and soul, the easier it is to harness the energy that surrounds you, so be sure to focus on centering yourself and reaching a state of deep relaxation every day - 10-15 minutes of meditation should help you to stay relaxed and remain in touch with your spirituality

For those of who have never used meditation as a relaxation tool before, you can find a few really useful meditation methods and tips here - by following these you should be able to find it easier to tap into your intuition and psychic ability thanks to the greater sense of oneness that you possess. 

Feeling The Energy

This is really the first step of learning to use the powers that you have - the practice of touching an object to read its energy, or psychometry. You’ll find that certain objects are far easier to read than others, so try to start off with objects that are simple to read such as crystals, rings, and stones. These high-energy items should give off the strongest emotion and energy, providing you with a better understanding of the types of feeling and energy that you should be seeking. 

Practising will take time, but if you know how to train your sixth sense, then you are onto a great start. When it comes to feeling energy from objects, here are a few basic tips to help you on your journey: 

  • Start with smaller objects - you’ll want something that you can get a good, solid grip of. If you have something made of metal, those are a fantastic starting point as metal materials tend to hold onto energy very well.
  • Steady yourself by taking deep breaths. Much like the meditation we mentioned earlier, controlling your breathing will enable you to become more centred and focused on the energy of the object. Many practicing psychics state that they experience a tingling sensation in their hands when reading the energy of an object, so don’t be too alarmed if you also feel this - it’s a positive sign that your abilities are working! 

Forgive and Forget

Inner peace is vital for a psychic - without the clarity, focus, and calmness that true peace offers, a psychic may find it difficult to be able to remain centred on their intuition, often leading to inaccurate readings or no reading at all. To achieve this peace, you’ll need to resolve any conflict you may hold, whether that is internal or with another person. Should another instance of conflict arise after this, you should seek peaceful resolution for this. Once this anger, resentment, and negative energy is removed from your body, you’ll be able to reach deeper relaxation through meditation which again will allow you to become closer to your spiritual self.

Embracing Your Fear

The fear that you may initially feel when tapping into your psychic abilities is completely natural; it’s a new, unfamiliar feeling that may alarm you initially, but as you start to harness and sharpen this ability, that fear should subside and allow you to unlock deeper levels of connection to the abilities that you possess. When you accept your psychic gift, you’ll alleviate this fear, giving you greater access to your higher self, so make sure that you don’t associate negative feelings towards your powers, instead associate feelings of connectedness and peace.

Spirit Guides

From the word “GO!”, you’ll feel an incredibly strong connection with your spirit guide. This is because each spirit guide is specifically selected for the individual and chosen to guide them through their life and aid them in their spiritual growth. One thing to bear in mind is that your spirit guide will always be ready to connect with you - it doesn’t matter when or where, they will be ready. This means that the only barrier standing in your way is that of accessing the right mindset to connect with the spirit guide - this is something that needs a great deal of work at first. Each time you manage to contact your spirit guide, your bond will grow stronger and the next connection will feel slightly easier, so consistent attempts to communicate with them is vital. If you’re having a tough time trying to forge a connection, try visualising the answers to these questions:

  • What does your spirit guide look like? Try to be as detailed as possible in your answer.

  • Does your spirit guide have a name? If so, try saying it out loud to consolidate the thought.

  • What is your spirit guide like? Think of your spirit guide’s personality traits and mannerisms, as this brings an extra dimension of visualisation and manifestation into your thought process.

Document Your Dreams

Our dreams are often the place where it’s easiest to access the spirit world as our states of consciousness constantly drift in and out of boundaries between the dream world and reality. In the early stages of discovering psychic abilities, we often see our abilities showing themselves in our dreams as our spirit energy is not being repressed by a conscious mind. In addition to this, keeping a dream journal can also be a great way to detail and timeline your progression as a psychic reader. 

Visit A Psychic 

One of the best ways to discover that you have a psychic reader gift is to take part in trusted psychic reading online or by phone, as people with the gift are often the best people for identifying other people who are also in possession of these talents. Call today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152 to speak to one of our psychics today. We offer both online psychic reading and phone psychic readings, so you can be sure we have a format that you’ll feel comfortable with.


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