Psychic Powers Explained

Looking at different types of psychic powers and how they can help you

Psychic Powers explained
Psychics are people who can tap into a sixth sense to reveal information that could help you deal with issues in your life. The way psychics receive this information is unique to each individual but it could often be described as the ability to tune into the energy and emotions of a person who has asked for a reading. Psychics use their intuition and sixth sense to help clients get to the root of the problems they are having and so to empower clients to make better informed decisions on their future.
Psychic ability is classed as paranormal phenomena because it has not yet been explained or proven by mainstream science. Of course, many seemingly mysterious phenomena, such as gravity, electricity and the weather have been explained and are now better understood, once science has caught up.
Human beings have always sought the wisdom of those who claim to have a link to a higher consciousness. In ancient times, kings and ordinary people alike asked the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi for a vision of their future, while tribes across the world had their wise men and women or shamans whose intuition would guide the actions of their leaders, later the French seer Nostradamus left a legacy of prophecies that many people still consult.
Types of psychic ability
Below is an explanation of some of the most commonly used terms relating to psychic ability.
A person who can connect with a higher state of consciousness or tune into a yet unexplained sixth sense to read information about you of which they have no prior knowledge. The aim of the reading is to help you solve problems, deal with emotions or decide on a new direction in your life. Psychics do not predict the future, nor do they make decisions for you. Psychics may be able to tell you the likely outcome of events if you take a certain course of action but the future is not pre-determined. Your future depends on the choices you make; psychics can help you see the best path for your future but it's up to you to take it. Psychics are not necessarily mediums.
This is a visual awareness that some psychics have to discern information on their clients. It means that the psychic sees images relating to the client or situation they are reading. Images appear in the psychic's mind's eye or perhaps they feel as if they are witnessing the events in question.
When thoughts or words are heard by the psychic, in their head or seemingly out loud, this is called clairaudience. It is thought that messages are being passed from a higher consciousness or from a spirit guide. Names and places are commonly passed to a psychic or medium in this way.
A sense of knowing information about a client during a reading, this is perhaps linked to intuition and empathy. It is a subtle sense, a cosmic nudge from the psychic's higher self giving an insight into their client's situation.
Mediums are an intermediary between the spirit world and our world. They claim to be able to convey messages from departed loved ones or can be a channel for information from your spirit guide or higher self. Some mediums say they see spirits while others hear or intuit messages.
Some psychics say they can find information about a person by 'reading' an object that belongs to that person. The thinking behind this idea is that objects can hold residual energy from the person who owns or has handled them. The object emanates this energy and the psychic can pick up on this and interpret this energy through the sensations or visions it give them.
This is the ability to know about events before they happen. It's commonly called second sight. Precognition is most often reported in the form of dreams, where the person dreams about an event which soon after appears to actually happen. Sceptics say any correlation is merely coincidental.
Commonly thought of as the pointless parlour trick of moving or bending objects with the mind. At a deeper level, psychokinesis is the ability to affect matter with the power of thoughts. This is one explanation for spiritual healing where a person seems to recover from illness by means of a spiritual healer and without physical intervention. The Biblical miracles of turning water into wine, or Moses parting the Red Sea appear to suggest psychokinesis.

How can Psychics help you?
A psychic reading can pick up on what's happening in your life. Perhaps there are emotions you are ignoring or situations you are not facing; a psychic will present you with a clear snapshot of your life so you can more clearly see the areas you need to address. A psychic should use their ability to read you and should not need to ask you lots of questions. A psychic will be able to tell you where you are headed in life so you can then decide if that's where you want to be. Psychic powers should be used
to empower clients to make informed and beneficial decisions on their future.


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