Reading with ribbons

Unraveling the personality through ribbon readings

Many of you may have heard about reading with ribbons. Although this may sound a little unusual, it is very interesting and  extremely common for those who are only just starting out on the psychic/spiritual path.
There is no right or wrong when it comes to reading with ribbons. They can be as creative as you want them to be.  Most people that read ribbons however, use colours that connect with the aura and chakras.  For example:
If you want to start making your own ribbons then you should perhaps look at ideas or options in line. Visiting a local material store can help you to decide which sort of ribbons you want to go for. Remember that ribbons are very much linked to colour and feeling and you should create them as you feel the need to.
 Many ribbons come with different patterns, often making it easy for the reader to interpret the personality of the person in question. For example, large spots on a ribbon may indicate an expressive personality. Horizontal lines may be an indication of someone who is quite serious. It is also important to consider the texture of the ribbon when reading. 

Is it rough or smooth? Is the ribbon plain in colour? If so, note the colour. I.e. Blue for empathy and red for passion. If the Querent was to pick ribbons with lots of shapes and different shades then this could represent someone who is complicated or perhaps someone that doesn’t see things in just black/white motion. You as the reader will have to decide on your own special  key as to the meaning behind each ribbon.
A good way to start making ribbons is to perhaps think about the 7 different energy fields in the human psyche. For example:
 Red for grounding
Orange for instinct
Yellow for feeling
Green for love
Blue for communication
Purple for psychic gifts
Indigo for spiritual receptivity and so on

Once you have picked out the seven colours you can then begin to expand by perhaps creating your own patterns and then deciding on extended ribbons for each colour. Such as how many you are going to use?
If for example you decide four ribbons for each colour you could split the ribbons up by focussing on individual life areas
Such as
Work, finances, love, home life.
Spots for finances
Swirls for love
Lines for home life
Squares for work life

Therefore if the querent picks an orange ribbon with spots then you may well know that they are having some strange feelings with their finances.. You would then be able to express that but the rest of your instinct would be down to you. Although it may feel daunting at first, you would soon pick up a link that was strong enough for you to expand on.  Experimenting with ribbons is a must so that you can gain the right level of confidence and insight to work with on a professional level.
For the first time of reading ribbons you could just ask your contestant to pick out three ribbons and thereafter try a more structured route with the following:
Ask the contestant to pick out six ribbons.
The first ribbon will always speak out them. This will be an illustration of their personality. So for example, if they were to pick a plain blue ribbon you know immediately that they are purely feeling orientated and compassionate. You will also be able to pick up their energy vibration and this will of course add to the reading.
The second ribbon will then talk about negative areas of their life – remember that even if the ribbon they pick is colourful and  optimistic it could still speak about a blockage that they can not see, such as false hope or an overbearing energy. Large spots on a ribbon for example could speak about someone that was self possessed.
The third ribbon will speak about positive aspects in the contestants life – think of colour , texture and patterns. What do the patterns say to you? If any.
The fourth ribbon will speak about where they are going and perhaps ways in which they can move forwards. So basically – the future events.
The fifth ribbon will show hidden strengths or gifts. If red for example, then perhaps they have a hidden passion that they have not yet tapped into yet.
The sixth ribbon is then the final thought. Look at the ribbon carefully. Think how it may summarise the personality or the situation that they have been in. What does the last ribbon say to you? And how does it connect or summarise the rest of the ribbons?
There is no right or wrong.
Happy ribbons!
With love and light  x x  x 


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