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Many of us may have come across the phrase “Remote viewing” before (RV). It is basically  a practice where we begin to seek impressions about a person, distance, or scenery that we have never come across before. Psychics who practice remote viewing use this as an extra-sensory perception (ESP) or by simply sensing with their own minds and intuition.

A remote viewer is then expected to pass over information about an object that may be hidden from physical view or a person that they have never had any face to face interaction with. Often they are able to describe peculiar things such as the colour of their socks, the tone in which they speak and specific words the person might use such as slang. They will be able to pick up on very personal details of the person they are remote viewing and this can literally work like a scanning process.
 [1]The actual term” Remote Viewing” was coined in the 1970s by Russell Targ and Harol Puthoff parapsychology researchers at Stanford Research Institute, to distinguish it from Clairvoyance. 
 It then became popularised in the 1990s where many psychics quickly tuned into a method that they were already aware that they were using, because it is such a strong and valued skill the label is extremely important and many stand up mediums use this to connect with people making enquiries.  It  is handy for a variety of different reasons.

One is that they are able to detect problems with people or circumstances, for example they may pick up on feelings whilst remote viewing someone that they are able to pass on to the person who is questioning such as love. They would be able to tell for example if one partner feels more strongly that the other in terms of love and relationships. They may also be able to retrace the past and pick up hurts and pains which are blocking them from opening up to their partners so this can be extremely useful when receiving a reading.

Many people decide to go to remote viewers when they are making plans to move into a new property. They may want to know about subsidence or the previous owners of the property. Will it be safe to live in? Did the owners treat the house well before? And are there any signs of difficult chains or hold ups? Many people also turn to Remote Viewers when they have lost a pet or an important item such as a piece of jewellery.

[2]Much research and experimentation  has also been cast on Remote Viewing, for example In 1978, a number of psychics were recruited by the U.S. military to begin a small but intense effort toward using psychic ability to answer questions that government and military intelligence agencies had.  Some questions are not easy to answer through physical spies or radio satellites, and so it was hoped that psychics might be able to come up with some of the pieces to the puzzle. The unit began with half a dozen people, and at its largest seldom had more than a dozen people at any one time.  Eventually it was a mix of military and civilian intelligence personnel.

The psychics in the unit often worked under the "remote viewing" protocol, and some were familiar with the scientific research as well, and so the personnel in the unit were referred to as "remote viewers."  Early recruiting techniques were based on what had been learned in the science lab regarding people likely to be good at this work, as well as screening and testing.  The psychics who founded the unit were successful on many occasions, and the unit's abilities generated more interest, and more tasking from every known government agency. 

Remote Viewing is also used in the police forces and is often used to try and track missing persons. There are many different ways to Remote View and here are just a few approaches:

The "Ganzfeld approach”

This is where a mild form of sensory deprivation is used  so the views senses information from the sub conscious
The Outbounder" or "Beacon approach"

The Outbounder approach to remote viewing uses a second person as a 'beacon' for the psychic or remote viewer.
“The Associative approach"

This is a type of tasking for a given RV project. Usually associative RV is used for binary-type targets (where there is a choice of two outcomes or answers).

“The controlled approach”

Consciousness researcher Ingo Swann compiled a set of methods which he felt addressed the major aspects of psychic work. The method is very step by step. The methods are utilized while sitting at a table and writing or sketching data.

“The Extended approach”

Usually the psychic reclines or lies down comfortably in a dim or darkened room, and another individual (an 'interviewer' or 'monitor') asks them questions and records the data they verbally provide.

Can anyone practice Remote Viewing?

The answer is yes they can! The basic part of remote viewing is simply allowing your mind to relax and then communicate what you are perceiving. Accuracy is improved by much practice and if you are already naturally tuned into the spirit world then this should come naturally. However there are many different ways in which we can train our minds.

For those that do not feel naturally psychic a good way to practice is by using a dowser or spiritual pendant which uses energy to connect with people or find missing objects by circling in a specific direction. For example, backwards and forwards for yes or sideways for no. By making your first connection with remote viewing you will begin to pick up vibrations and images that you hadn’t noticed before.

Another good way to begin is so start visiting old buildings or historic sceneries where the person is able to tune into energy vibrations.A great example would be The Stonehenge , Hampton Court or Aston Hall taking note of feelings or sensations. Regular practice will give you the confidence to then practice on others. Most people believe that they will fail when they give remote viewing for the first time but most our pleasantly surprised!

Happy viewing!


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