Spiritual Dream Meanings & Their Psychic Insight

In this blog post, we take a look at the spiritual meaning of dreams that are most common to our audience, and what they may mean for you.

With winter fast approaching and the days turning to night much sooner, the promise of sleep is looking far more attractive. No longer do you have to stay up until 10pm if you no longer wish, and you can use the winter cold air, the falling snow and the darkness as excuses to stay indoors. But more than this, getting a good night’s sleep is key to health, mood and productivity and therefore should always be prioritised. So when our sleep is disturbed by confusing dreams, potential hidden meanings and the wonder of whether the universe is trying to tell us something, it can lead to many questions. For example, what are falling dream meanings, snake dream meanings or sex dream meanings? Or how about the dream meaning of your teeth falling out, or ones where you’re flying? There’s a lot to interpret, and that’s where our telephone psychic readers can help with an online psychic reading. In this blog post, we take a look at the spiritual meaning of dreams that are most common to our audience, and what they may mean for you. Every person is different however, each dealing with varied life situations and therefore, we’d suggest for the specific meaning of your dreams, that you have a psychic phone reading with one of our kind and trusted psychic readers. Able to enlighten you, they will ensure you find comfort from spiritual guidance and show you the path to happiness. To learn more, we encourage you to read on.

spiritual dream meanings

Psychic Sofa Reader Dream Meanings - Sex, Love, Falling & Animals

A 2019 Bed SOS study of 2000 UK adults revealed that the most common dreams included having sex (48%), falling (45%) and falling in love (16%). It was no surprise to us that these results echoed what we here at Psychic Sofa have found through our psychic readings, and the commonly requested dream meanings. Starting with sex dream meanings, they can suggest:

  • Sex with a stranger: That you are currently experiencing a high libido and you’d like to explore this with your partner, perhaps through a new sex position or role play. 

  • Sex with an ex: That you are still getting used to the sexual chemistry between you and your new partner, or that there are unresolved issues between you and your ex, and you may feel the need to talk these through.

  • BDSM sex dreams: This could suggest you’re feeling tied down by life - potentially by an overbearing mother, father or boss. You self-conscious is trying to break free from this bondage and find its own voice

  • Dirty talk sex dreams: If you have reservations about sex with your new partner, or you’re worried how they may react to your sexual fantasies, you may be dreaming about sex talk because you feel the need to express yourself.

Love dreams on the other hand, could have the following spiritual meanings:

  • You feel you lack this passion and intimacy in your current life.

  • You’re about to meet the love of your life and you must be open to the wisdom of the universe to find them.

  • If the person you dream about is your current partner, it suggests that you feel the relationship is stronger than ever and that you feel safe and secure in that partnership.

  • Celebrity dream meanings - especially where you find yourself falling in love with them, could suggest that you have a great admiration for them, or simply that you find them attractive.

  • Falling in love with what you know is inherently evil, the devil or demons could suggest that you need to learn more about yourself before you can truly let love into your life and that you need to figure out what it is that attracts you to a person. It could also suggest that your current partner isn’t right for you and there could be unhappiness ahead of you if you stay with them, which deep down you may already know. 

love dreams

Falling dream meanings may suggest a variety of scenarios and many of them can actually be positive, for example - falling in love or falling pregnant when trying for a baby. It can however also be a forewarning, for events such as:

  • Falling out with someone.

  • To fall from grace in some way, perhaps through an unexpected failure.

When it comes to falling dream meanings, our telephone psychic readers always suggest that you note what was happening in the dream, who was there and what you learnt to uncover the truth. Because falling dreams may also suggest that something isn’t quite right in your life and that something dramatic needs to change, it’s always worth talking through any things that are troubling you to resolve them both in this world, and in your dream state.

Animals in dreams can have varied meanings, and tend to be representations of who we are and how we’re feeling. The following animals may suggest:

If you dream about two or more animals, your dream could suggest two opposing forces are at play or that you need to listen to both points of view to help keep the peace between loved ones. For example, if you dream about a bear and a spider, you may have a challenge to overcome before you find success, but ultimately, your inner strength and determination will see you through.

animal dreams

Can Dreams Predict The Future? - Life Visions, Mental Images & Recurring Dreams

When we sleep, our brains make connections that may bring clarity in an otherwise hectic world. Because no new information is coming in when we’re in a dream state (ie, we’re not processing information in the way that we do when we’re awake), it gives us a chance to think things through and receive messages and symbols that may have gone unnoticed. Through these connections we can understand more about the situations we find ourselves in, the reactions of those it pertains to and how we can use this information to better our future. Life visions can therefore appear to us in dreams as mental images of the past day, week or even month, and are indications of situations we need to work through, especially if they’re recurring. If we don’t work through them, or we let experiences continue, our dreams may start showing us visions of how our life may turn out should we not address this. It’s therefore important to speak to someone you trust about what’s eating you, and a telephone psychic reading can also help.

can dreams predict the future

When it comes to positive dreams that show mental images of what you’d like to happen, it could be a future prediction. For example, if you see yourself graduating from university, getting married or having a child, then so long as you align yourself with your dreams - ie, put steps in place to achieve them - then your dreams can come true. It’s about taking that meaning and adding your own intent and purpose to them. You’re stronger than you think, and you have the power to make anything happen. We want you to know that.

We hope your dream interpretation seems clearer now, and that you understand what the universe is trying to tell you. From sex dreams and falling dreams through to animal dreams and love dreams, there’s a lot to uncover, and a lot to be actioned. If you require further spiritual guidance, then we recommend a telephone psychic reading with one of our lovely Psychic Sofa readers. Experts in dream meanings and spiritual paths, they’ll ensure your dream journeys are paved with light. To learn more, please call us today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152. Let love and light shine throughout your life, always.


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