What is Palmistry?

For those seeking guidance, palm readings can provide insight into the spiritual, mental and physical occurrences in their lifetime. The lines of the palm say whether an individual will be lucky in love, be successful, had previous major illnesses, and ev

What is Palmistry?

Palmistry is the art of interpreting the characteristics, shape, texture, and lines on a hand to determine the traits and future of the hand owner. It uses a set of guidelines to interpret the palm and all of the features of the palm add to the hand assessment. Palmistry indicates the past, present and future of the individual. 

Elements of Palmistry


There are three dominant lines on a palm. They include the Heart Line, Head Line and Life Line. A palm reading interprets the placement of each line, intercepting lines, line depth, line breaks and additional markings, like crosses, stars and tridents. Other minor lines, such as the fate and health line, on the palm also considered. A cross, chain or other marking on the line.


Lines are only part of the equation. Below each finger is a mount, such as the mount of Apollo or mount of mercury. They refer to different elements of the palm owner's life, such as love, wealth, happiness and success. Like lines, a collection of lines on these mounts indicates certain traits or impact on that mount. For example, a star on the mount of Venus might mean the palm owner will be lucky in love. 


The shape of the fingers, palm, and nails are all considered when an expert palm reader reads your palm. You may have long fingers, square palms, oval nails, and reddish palm color or some other combination of hand characteristics. These features all tell the palm expert about the individual’s character traits and from these he or she can determine how these traits impact your past, present and future.

What Your Palm Reading Reveals

The palms of your hands--the left tell of what you are given and the right what you make of it--reveal illness, relationships, success and more. The shape, lines and mounts have individual features that a palm reading identifies and uses it to figure out what your life entails. Palm readers can determine your past, present and future just by taking your hand. 


The location of a marking along a line indicates when the major event is going to occur. If it's towards the beginning of a line, it happened when person was young. The age of the person helps to determined when the event happened. A 60-year old palm is going to have more events in the past than a 20-year old palm. 


Your hand reveals much of your presents. In particular, certain illnesses leave tell-tail signs. Experienced palm readers can tell you more about your present, but most individuals want something else when they come to a palm reader.


Most want to know what their future holds. Palm readers take one look at a palm and see an individual's success, love life, longevity, number of children, happiness and health. 

Personality Traits

Palm readings also identify key personality traits. The palm owner's personality plays a large part in a person's choices, such as promiscuity and wealth. These assist the palm reader in identifying events in your future. 

Intrigued? Palm reading is an ancient art; it practice dates back centuries. Unlike other forms of seeing the future, palm reading is readily accessible and practically scientific in how palmists read the palms before them. The best way to learn about your future is to have your palm read by an experienced reader. After all, the future is in your hands. 


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