The Significance of Numbers

Find out about numerology, which is a spiritual practice that can define your lucky life path numbers

The Significance of Numbers
Do you have a lucky number? People pin their hopes on numbers they hope have significance for them in lotteries and casinos worldwide. In fact, everyone does have two important numbers but these numerals are concerned with revealing your personality and life path rather than winning money. The spiritual study of numbers is called numerology and practitioners believe that your numbers can provide insight into your character and your future.
The idea is that every number vibrates at a unique frequency, denoting different properties to each number. Discovering your significant numbers can give you clues about future events and auspicious times for you. Also, if you are constantly seeing a particular number, for example on a digital clock, computer screen or in print etc, numerologists would say that this is a message from the universe and that you should look at the properties of this number to see what you are being told.
The ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, is often credited with founding the discipline of numerology. For Pythagoras numbers were the building blocks of creation which could give us the key to understanding our own lives and the world around us. He believed that the first ten numbers held a special creative force.
Your Life Path Number
This is the number calculated from your full birth date. Numerologists believe that your birth date number can reveal your path in life, especially your career or vocation. To work it out, you add together the digits of your birth date and reduce them until you have a single digit.
For example:
If your birthday is May 17, 1972
Birth month is May, which is the 5th month of the year
Birth day is 17
Birth year is 1972
So you add:
= 32
Reduce the number until you get a single digit
Your life path number is 5
Your Personality Number
This number denotes the personal characteristics you have, both positive and negative. It can be used to help you play to your strengths and to help you acknowledge and work on changing your weaknesses.
Write down your full name. Find the number that corresponds to each letter of your name from the list below. Write down each number and add them together until you have a single digit.
1 a / j / s
2 b / k / t
3 c / l / u
4 d / m / v
5 e / n / w
6 f / o / x
7 g / p / y
8 h / q / z
9 i / r
So if your name is Anne Jones you would add
= 34
Reduce the double digits
So your personality number is 7
Numerology Meanings
Once you've worked out your numbers, take a look at the meanings for both.
Number One
Personality Number: 
You are a leader; a creative driving force. Self assured and head strong, your dynamic personality attracts many admirers.
Positives: Independent, pioneering, high achiever, individual
Negatives: Impatient, arrogant, selfish
Life Path Number:
You have the ambition and creativity to make it to the top of the career ladder. You excel at managing a team and are not afraid to take control. Show off your skills but be careful not to be too bossy or domineering with quieter souls.
Number Two
Personality Number: 
A naturally calm person who craves a peaceful existence and dislikes conflict. You are a people's person and friends turn to you for advice.
Positives: Versatile, diplomatic, peaceful, sensitive
Negatives: Manipulative, passive-aggressive, pride easily hurt
Life Path Number:
Caring professions or education suit your aptitude for getting the best out of other people with your kind, encouraging manner. Remember to stand your ground when you know you are in the right. 
Number Three
Personality Number:
Happy-go-lucky describes you perfectly. You enjoy what life has to offer and people flock to your magnetic personality.
Positives: Friendly, optimistic, social, joyful
Negatives: Superficial, lacks focus, greed
Life Path Number:
Communication is your strong point; you can get your message across with ease. Not afraid to adapt to the company you're with you can make a success of diverse projects. Watch you don't spend money you haven't yet earned.
Number Four
Personality Number: 
A generous person who pays attention to detail and enjoys finding solutions to complex problems. You are a welcome grounding influence to family and friends.
Positives: Generous, trustworthy, reliable, logical, disciplined
Negatives: Stubborn, narrow-minded, cold
Life Path Number: 
You work your way through tasks in a methodical manner and find it easy to concentrate for long periods. You never miss a detail so employers will put their trust in you as they are confident you can get the job done properly. Finance, law, administration or technology professions are a good choice for you.
Number Five
Personality Number: 
Adventure and freedom are what floats your boat. You have a strong intellect and other people struggle to keep up with your constant stream of new ideas
Positives: Sense of wonder, adaptable, visionary, fun-loving, curious
Negatives: Irresponsible, insincere, fears commitment
Life Path Number: 
You're skillful, persuasive and fast-working. You're very versatile and can adapt easily to new situations and people. You love to travel so a job as a sales rep, tour guide or entertainer might suit you.
Number Six
Personality Number:
You're a chilled out earth mother or father with a love of the outdoors and a calm, compassionate nature. Mature in your outlook, you have no time for petty squabbles.
Positives: Practical, kind, responsible, wise
Negatives: Resists change, bossy, listless
Life Path Number: 
A lover of beauty and harmony, you can keep everyone smiling with your soothing and insightful conversation. You would excel at artistic ventures such as being an architect, fashion designer or PR. Also mentoring children or adults would be up your street.
Number Seven
Personality Number: 
Your world is inside your mind. You are a thinker with a thirst for knowledge. Interested in esoteric matters, you are a spiritual person.
Positives: Unique, intuitive, intellectual, spiritual
Negatives: Unsociable, depressive, distant
Life Path Number:
Original and creative you apply your full force to tasks that interest you. Brimming with bright ideas but never self promoting, make sure your hard work is recognised. Working as a researcher, in medicine or as an editor would suit.
Number Eight
Personality Number: 
A force to be reckoned with, you are a natural leader and are used to calling the shots in most situations. You want the best things in life and are prepared to work hard to earn them
Positives: Authoritative, successful, brave, pioneering
Negatives: Uptight, power seeker, materialistic
Life Path Number: 
You relish a challenge and are a very physically active person, unafraid to make difficult decisions at a moment's notice. Being a athlete, surgeon, crime fighter or paramedic would keep you occupied.
Number Nine
Personality Number:
You have innate knowledge and wisdom to pass on to the next generation. You have a desire to save the world and a truly caring nature.
Positives: Patient, determined, caring, creative, wisdom
Negatives: Restless, mood swings, over emotional
Life Path Number: 
A peaceful yet dynamic soul, you are always looking for your next project. You can adapt to deal with people from all walks of life. You are a great communicator so a career in the media, teaching, sociology or travel would be best for you.


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