What Do Our Dreams Mean?

A look at the most common dream themes and events, and what they mean.

Everyone wants to know about dreams...

Our dreams and what they mean are widely discussed every day, by scientists, psychologists, psychics, and chatting friends. Dreams have been studied for centuries, with many professionals providing theories about what they think they are. Freud believed dreams were a way for us to fulfill our desires, whereas Carl Jung suggested that they are signs from our subconscious.

These theories have been the most popular, and are the most common today. It is widely believed by many that the situations we find ourselves in and the events that happen in our dreams are messages from our subconscious about things that are happening in our waking lives. They help you recognise desires or fears you may not know you had, by creating scenarios in which you face them, while you’re asleep.

There are several common dream themes that people tend to have and look for the meaning behind. If you notice that you have a recurring dream, it is a good idea to start a dream diary, so that you can keep track of when you have them, and then see if they correlate with anything happening in your life. Below are some of the more common dreams, and their meanings.

Man flying in a dream

Flying - Dreams about flying are classed as lucid dreams because you know that you are doing something physically impossible, and so you’re aware you must be dreaming. These dreams are usually positive and empowering, and symbolise the feeling of being free and liberated. The height you are at when you’re flying suggests that you have accomplished something that you are proud of, and your ability to fly and control your path signifies that you feel in control of your current situation.

Falling - Many people experience the sensation of falling, and jolting suddenly awake in their bed. This usually causes confusion and sometimes panic, as it leaves people feeling disoriented. These dreams are physiological, and happen when the body is preparing to sleep. When your heart rate slows, and you ‘fall’ to sleep, this is when you experience the falling sensation. However, if these dreams are happening regularly, they could signify that you are experiencing a lack of control in your waking life. You may be feeling insecure, and are lacking confidence. Now is the time to take a step back, re-evaluate, and take back control.

two girls in a classroom looking at the board

Back to School - Another common situation people dream about is being back in school, usually with no idea what to do or where to go, and feeling unprepared. This can reflect on feelings of confusion or change in your adult life; maybe you’re starting a new job or moving to a new place and feel disoriented. It can also be a sign that you’re in the process of learning in real life; this could be literal, such as reentering education, or maybe it’s a spiritual life lesson.

Kissing - Dreaming about kissing can mean any of several different things, all typically revolving around love and romance. The meaning of the dream completely depends on who are are kissing; your current partner, an ex, or a completely stranger. One of the more common dreams involves re-living your first kiss, and this is often giddy and exciting, representing your anticipation for the first kiss of a new relationship. If you’re kissing an ex, it could suggest you are feeling nostalgic, and reflecting on the relationship. Kissing your current partner suggests you are desiring physical closeness in real life, and need to add some spice to the relationship. To kiss a stranger suggests you are on a journey of self discovery, and are learning new things about yourself.

Being chased - Dreams in which you are being chased are the easiest to interpret; they reflect on something you are running from or avoiding in your real life. This could be a particular person you are avoiding, or it could be a situation in your life that you don’t want to face. The proximity of the person or thing chasing you is important; are they gaining on you, or falling behind? This could reflect on how well you are dealing with the situation; if they are catching up with you, it suggests you are having trouble and will need to face up to whatever is happening sometime soon.



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