Discover Your Healing Colour

How colour therapy can help you heal. Find out about the meanings of colours and how they can help you.

Discover Your Healing Colour
Imagine a world without colour. You'd never be able to gaze at the pale blue of the sky, or appreciate the rich green tones of foliage and trees, or admire the vibrant pinks of a rose - or even decide whether to wear the red dress or the purple one. What a dull world it would be. But the purpose of colour goes much deeper than pretty appearances. Colour healers believe that the shades you are drawn to can reflect your mood, diagnose physical, mental and spiritual illness, and help you to heal yourself.
The idea is that each colour contains a different energy vibration, which effects your emotions and spiritual wellbeing in a unique way. For instance, red is an energising colour and can make you feel powerful and confident, while blue is a calming shade that can quieten your mind and free you from constant worrying.
Colour healers work to balance your body's chakras with colour to promote healing. But you can be your own colour therapist by incorporating the tones you need to balance your body into your everyday life. You can do this in the choice of colours you have in your home, the clothes and jewellery you wear, or by meditating upon a particular shade.
Colour Energy
Below are some colour healing meanings:
Blue: A balm for troubled or worried minds, blue is calming and relaxing. Meditate with soothing blue tones if you are in need of healing of any sort. It's also the colour of communication, so wear it if you want to get your point across.
Red: Is a stimulating and energising shade, useful for giving yourself a boost if you are feeling tired or uninspired. Wearing red can make you feel more confident. Too much red can promote lively debate or could lead to conflict.
Green: If you are feeling stressed or off-centre, then harmonising green can bring you back into balance. Taking a walk in a country park filled with greenery can lower your blood pressure and help you to calm down.
Yellow: These warm golden tones can stimulate your mind and improve your concentration. Yellow is the colour of intellect and creativity, have it around you when you're trying to study or to dream up a solution to a problem.
Purple: This shade connects you to your spiritual side. Use it during meditation to find a feeling of serenity. Purple can open up your intuition and give you a link to the Divine.
How to use colour
The easiest way to try colour therapy is to think about the tones you like and dislike. Are you drawn to deep red but detest pale green? In this case, it may mean that you are a natural extrovert (shown by a love of red) but you need to slow down and find inner harmony (shown by aversion to green).
Look at the meaning of a particular colour you're drawn to, and see whether the qualities it offers would be beneficial to you.
Incorporate colour therapy in your daily routine by using it at home. Fabrics and paint can change the entire feel of a space, while soft furnishings, such as cushions or candles, can add a dash of the colour you want to use. Natural crystals can provide a powerful concentration of your chosen colour.
A splash of red in the dining room, perhaps placemats or a painting, can encourage debate and stimulate appetite. Avoid too much red on the walls as it can feel unsettling.
Yellow or orange are good colours to have in a study, again just a large candle or ornament is enough to get the benefit.
Green or blue are good calming colours for the bedroom or living room.
Rainbow Chakra
Colour therapists believe that each colour of the rainbow corresponds to one of your chakras. If you feel drawn to a particular colour, this could be an indication that you need more or less of the qualities associated with this chakra colour in order for your body, soul and mind to be balanced and healthy. Below is an outline of each chakra colour and its meaning.
VIOLET - Crown Chakra
Concerned with your higher self and spiritual awareness, violet can open up your third eye and link you into a higher consciousness.
Use it: To meditate and to explore your spiritual side. Use it as a calming colour.
Avoid too much violet: If you are feeling depressed, dizzy or spaced out.
INDIGO - Third Eye Chakra
This colour can help you heed your intuition. Indigo helps to release material desires and instead to focus upon your spirituality and soul needs.
Use it: To release fears and phobias.
Avoid too much indigo: It is associated with being judgmental and intolerant.
BLUE - Throat Chakra
Learn to express yourself with the colour blue. Wear it if you have to speak in public and to aid communication when your voice needs to be heard. Blue is the colour of truth and honesty.
Use it: To promote a peaceful atmosphere and when you need to be tactful.
Avoid too much blue: Can lead to cold, indifferent behaviour.
GREEN - Heart Chakra
Green is the colour of love. It can help you give and receive love in a selfless way. It will help you accept yourself.
Use it: To nurture compassion for yourself and for others. It's a connection to the natural world.
Avoid too much green: Can breed feelings of jealousy or being miserly.
YELLOW - Solar Plexus Chakra
This colour can give your brainpower a boost. Yellow will help you feel more confident in social situations.
Use it: If you need to make an important decision. When you need to lift your spirits yellow is a good colour to wear.
Avoid too much yellow: Can indicate feelings of inferiority and the need for flattery.
ORANGE - Sacral Chakra
This colour gives you the freedom to be yourself, rather than the person others expect you to be. It will help you create personal boundaries that demonstrate your self respect and respect for others.
Use it: To get your creative juices flowing and to foster happy social gatherings.
Avoid too much orange: Can indicate pride, dependency, and exhibitionist behaviour.
RED - Root Chakra
This colour links you to your physical body. It is powerful and energising. It can offer you courage in times of hardship.
Use it: When you need to find a sense of stability and security in life.
Avoid too much red: Can lead to aggression and obstinate and resentful behaviour.


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