Healing with crystals

The magic power of crystal healing

Crystals have been used for healing since ancient times by many different cultures and in the last twenty years or so, they have become a huge art in the sense that they inspire, heal and nurture our needs. Although no one truly knows where crystal healing derived from many people have spoken about the magic of earth stones and crystals and the sense of wellbeing it gives them.

Crystals are natural minerals from the earth and are used to shape and focus energy. They sparkle in our hands when we pick them up, they glisten with beauty in our bedrooms and they calm us in times of need. It’s hard not to admire and appreciate the divine healing qualities that these magical gemstones hold. They are extremely powerful and just holding one can make you feel special and can transcend feelings of love, beauty, purpose and pleasure.

Although there is no scientific evidence to prove that crystals and gem stones heal our general wellbeing many people have spoken about the illuminating effect it has had on their state of mind after experiencing healing with crystals and have noticed a change in their drive and emotions. It may seem bizarre that a crystal can actually heal the physical mind and body but as crystals are said to have strong vibrations and frequencies they automatically interconnect with the individual's energy field via the earth.

The crystal is basically used to realign the human psyche which then aids cosmic energy through natural vibrations. As humans we are consistently giving out energy therefore crystals from the earth provide us with natural healing and enhance our flow of energy by bringing balance back into our lives. They are also great for cleansing and many healers and specialists use crystals for conditions such as anxiety by placing one on part of the body, such as the solar plexis (stomach area) where we take in other peoples’ emotions without realising. Our chakras (Hindu meaning) are the seven different energy fields of the body, and because we take so much in on a day to day basis our charkas can become slightly out of synch, therefore a spiritual healer will be able to detect which centre is out of balance and then help you to regain your balance through crystal healing.
Crystal healing can also rid negative spiritual energy for those that constantly work with spirit. Healers in particular need constant healing as they more often than not pick up the unwanted feelings and frustrations of their clients so it is highly recommended for them to carry black crystals or healing crystals when working so that they are spiritually protected at all times.

How will I benefit from crystal healing?

First of all energy and crystal healing works upon the electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies which most people refer to as “the aura” . Some healers work with colour and can see your aura whereas others just sense the energy and then work accordingly. Your healer will tell you what they sense about your aura and then perform the best source of healing that is beneficial for you. You should feel uplifted and comforted during the process. Healing is in no way a stressful or complicated process, some people are in fact so relaxed during crystal and energy healing that they choose to go to sleep! The important thing to take note of with any form of healing is that the healing is being channelled through a higher source –the spiritual realms. Your healer will act as a channel in order for you to gain the most out of your healing. They pick up negative emotions that they can heal or energy fields in the body that need replenishing. You may feel certain sensations during your healing session that let you know the process is working. For example you may feel a strong sense of inner peace or you may feel the heat and strength of the crystal vibrations.

Working on your own spiritual needs

Because crystals and minerals are so divine and beautiful many spiritual people spend time investing in them but it is important to remember how powerful crystals and minerals are, they are part of the earth’s crust that also reside within the human body, therefore they have extremely powerful properties! These properties interact with us in a number of different ways so if you are going to experiment with crystals then you must first understand the healing purpose of each stone.

One great aspect of self crystal healing however is the recharging process. We all need to recharge just like a mobile phone recharges its battery but to maintain a good working order we must of course be consistent. Amethyst for example is a fantastic stone for energy, protection and recharging, putting something back into your system. Many light workers and healers wear amethyst or keep it close to them after working with and helping clients.

Remember that even crystals needs to be recharged and the perfect way to ensure this is by bathing them in very cool salt water to restore the energy and keep it clean from “environmental imbalance”. Once you have done this you can perhaps leave your crystals on the window sill and then allow a natural recharger (The Sun) to work through them.


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as the “mirror of the soul” and also enhances the energy of other gemstones as although it is clear it actually holds a spectrum of different colours. Think of Clear Quartz as clarity and a tool in which you can perhaps use to purify situations with, no matter how big or small. If you are suffering from a fuzzy head then Clear Quartz can work wonders. Clear Quartz is also known to be used to clear of negative energies from tarot cards. If you work with tarot cards quite often you will know that all kinds of energies tend to stick to them. To cleanse your tarot cards, simply leave your Clear Quartz crystal on them over night.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love, compassion and healing. It helps to combat stress and broken hearts. Many people keep this stone by their bedside if they are grieving from loss. The stone gives out a gentle, reassuring energy. It also known to unblock electromagnetic stress such as the stress we receive over the phone or through computers. Keeping a Rose Quartz by the side of your computer at work can help to clear away unwanted energies.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is the stone of protection and rids negative energies. If you bury a piece of black tourmaline around a plant it is known to flourish well. It is also a great mind stone, in the sense that it will clear smog or difficult blockages that are hard to shift. It can also be a good stone for protection against the immune system and reduces pain, arthritis and muscle strain.

Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is full of strength and optimism. It even looks like a Tiger’s Eye! It is a great stone to help you focus the mind, so if you are particularly nervous about meetings or important events then Tigers Eye can help to soothe your concerns by carrying a piece of it in your pocket. It is also good for balancing yin-yang and energising our emotions or stabilising mood swings. In particular, the stone is good for issues that deal with anxiety.


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