Past Lives & Discovering Your Own

It can be enthralling to experience our past lives, and discover who we once were. If you’d like to learn more about this, then we definitely recommend reading this blog for tips on how to access your past lives.

If you’ve ever wondered,  ‘’What are past lives?’’ or, ‘’How can I find out what I was in a past life?’’, then you’re not alone. A topic of popular conversation here at Psychic Sofa, we’re always discussing how we were noblemen, masons and actresses, along with pilots, philosophers and even some notable celebrities. It can be enthralling to experience our past lives, and discover who we once were. If you’d like to learn more about this, then we definitely recommend reading this blog for tips on how to access your past lives, and how to pick up on signs that you have been reincarnated before. And if this wasn’t enough, our trusted psychic readers can guide you through this journey, with a telephone psychic reading. We encourage you to call them on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152 today for some handy spiritual guidance.

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Signs Your Soul May Have Reincarnated

It is quite possible that you have lived many lives, if you can relate to the following points:

1. Recurring dreams: Providing insight into the unconscious mind, dreams show us a world we’d like to see, or unfinished business that we need to deal with. Repetitive dreams, however, could be reflections of your past life experiences. In fact, many people claim to have experienced specific events, seen certain people, or have gone to locations regularly in their dreams that seem familiar, and even recognisable, but they can’t place them.

2. Strong Déjà Vu: We’ve all experienced a sudden and unexpected feeling that the event we’re participating in, has happened to us exactly the same way before. There are actually 3 categories of Déjà Vu, including:

Déjà vécu: A previously experienced event, or event that has already been lived through.

Déjà senti: Something previously felt, triggered by a sound, voice or music.

Déjà visité: A location so familiar we feel as if we've been there before.

It’s possible that these events, feelings or places seem so familiar because you have experienced them all before, in another life.

3. You feel considerably older than your actual age: In the same way that some individuals are always young at heart, others are born with old souls. Wiser than their years, and highly intelligent, this feeling of being older than your age reflects is tied to having been reincarnated many times. This is echoed in the ‘Soul Age’ theory, which states there is a progression of soulful development: from infant souls, to awakened souls. For example, if your soulful energy has reincarnated many times over, you will display a variety of mature and wise traits. If you feel older than your age reflects, you might be a Mature or Old Soul.

4. You have a great liking for certain cultures, time periods or environments: If you feel an affinity toward cultures or periods of history, this is said to be past life residue related to locations, cultures or environments that your lovely soul may have experienced previously. If, for example, you are drawn to the 19th century, you may have lived during this time, or, if you’re really into Asian food, you may have once lived in China, Japan or Thailand, among other beautiful countries.

5. Unexplainable fears or phobias: Though we can trace some fears in this life due to traumatic experiences, those without cause may have been caused during a past life. For example, if you have a fear of drowning, it’s possible that you may have had a swimming accident in a previous life. If you’re scared of certain objects, or you get bad vibes off of them, they may have been present during a terrifying event that shook you to the core. Or if particular animals seem to frighten you, even when you’ve never been in a proximity of one, an incident with said animal may have occurred.

6. You feel as if you don’t belong, or that this earth is not really your home: This constant yearning for your true home is a representation of returning back to the source of life, and the connection with the world. You feel out of place, because in another life your place was different. Reincarnated souls have the basic need to complete their life cycle and return to where they once began. And while they wait to do so, it can lead to tiredness, and disdain for the current state of your situation. But one thing to remember is that life is what you make of it, so going forward with positivity, a good outlook and trying to live the best life possible will make it far more enjoyable. And who knows? You may just be rewarded in the next life. 

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How To Remember Past Lives

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to remember past lives, and even, interact with them. The first step is to relax your mind, and find a place of calm and quiet. Shut out other distractions, and try to relax your mind and body. We here at Psychic Sofa recommend that you lie down, close your eyes and get comfortable. 

Next, imagine that a white, enveloping light is surrounding you, shining on your feet, your knees, your thighs and your arms, as well as your neck, face and head. It’s this light that will protect you from negativity, and any harm you may have experienced in a past life. Representing warmth, love and healing embrace, see it in your mind and let its beauty wash over you. Saying your favourite mantra, or phrases such as, "I am allowing in powerful protective energy to take care of me, in every single way.’’ will help to calm the mind too.

To begin your past life journey, imagine yourself in a long hallway, with a door at the end. Open the door, and see where your mind takes you. This is how to access a past life. What do you see? What can you experience? You may find you see a certain colour, which then materalises into an object, or location. These visions always have some truth to them, so past-life meditation could reveal some surprising insights.

remember past lives

When you’d like to return to the present time, the images may simply run out of steam, or your mind may trigger a want to leave, and then you’ll be brought back to the here and now. If you struggle, just imagine the door opening again, and pass through it, closing the door on the past life. You’ll feel renewed, refreshed, and should be able to remember your experiences with great detail, clarity and certainty.

Pretty exciting stuff, and who knows where you’ll end up, or what you’ll experience during a past life journey. For further information on this practice, how best to navigate it, or for some spiritual guidance, we encourage you to have a telephone psychic reading with one of our trusted psychic readers today. You can reach them on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152. 



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