Spring Blessings From Spiritual Beings

Tap into the power of springtime with the positive energy of these spiritual beings.

These female deities have a nurturing yet strong, potent energy. As mythological archetypes aspects of each goddess can be applied to your spiritual and emotional growth. The stories and qualities associated with each goddess throw light on self awareness, relationships, creativity and moral codes that - with a bit of lateral thinking - can easily be applied to 21st century life. All the goddesses here relate to springtime energy, including creativity, romantic relationships, personal growth, renewal and fertility.



Goddess of Spring

This Germanic goddess symbolises the arrival of springtime with her festival celebrated around the spring equinox. Her name is probably from where the word 'Easter' is derived. Ostara represents the opportunity for renewal in your life and in the world around you. She symbolises that everything can change for the better, just as the seasons change from the cold of winter to the warmth of summer.

Ostara is the energy to call upon if you are trying to conceive or create an idea, a business venture or a new life. She teaches you to have compassion for everything and everyone around you from friends and family to strangers, the environment and animals.

Archetype: The Maiden

Ostara represents the innocent curiosity of a young person on the verge of adulthood. Your dreams and wishes are there for the taking. Call on this energy if you need to take a leap of faith. Intuition runs strong with this goddess and she encourages you to trust yours. Ostara tells you that anything is possible if your intentions are positive. The flipside of the maiden is selfishness or being self absorbed. Be mindful of the feelings and needs of others as you chase your dreams.



Goddess of Fertility

This Norse goddess of fertility, love, war and magic is queen of the Valkyries a group of supernatural warrior women in Viking mythology. Adept at divination and shape-shifting, Freya can reveal unseen possibilities to you. She is linked to fortune telling and looking into the future. Freya is the spirit of nature and encapsulates the untamed, magical realms of the world. She is irresistible to men and gods alike - call on Freya to boost your confidence in affairs of the heart as she is a powerful symbol of female empowerment - she is ruled by nobody. Turn to Freya when you need to stand strong and stick to your principals in matters of the heart.

Archetype: The Trickster

This represents Freya's ability to change appearance but for you it might mean the ability to adapt to different situations or re-invent yourself by changing career or changing you previous behaviour. Freya's archetype symbolises that you can break ties with any people or habits that are damaging. A fresh start is always yours for the taking. Freya shows you that you must fight for what is right but do it with a compassionate heart. On the flipside, don't become entrenched in your views always be open to listening to others and open to changing your viewpoint.



Goddess of Protection

This Egyptian cat-headed goddess, was thought to protect households under her blessing from intruders and from illnesses. She is both fearsome and nurturing, reflecting a mother's love for her children. Also the goddess of pleasure, Bast encourages you to learn to switch off from your work and relax at the appropriate time. Bast is an example of how the feminine quality of motherhood and nurturing requires qualities of strength, passion and toughness.

Archetype: The Warrior

Bast encourages you to take responsibility for your life and your happiness. Stop being a victim and start taking control of your life experience. Set boundaries so others know which behaviour you will not accept - and stick to it. Be strong and protective of your happiness.



Goddess of Love

An ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite was born from the foam of the sea off the coast of Cyprus, according to myth. Aphrodite rules relationships: attraction, sexuality, lasting love. She symbolises a relationship of equals; turn to her when you need to bring balance and passion back into your romantic relationship. She symbolises physical attraction and the need to take care of your outer appearance - but not to obsess over it. Her attractiveness comes not just from the physical but from her learning and ability to communicate.

Archetype: The Lover

Loving relationships can bring great personal happiness, especially when you learn to put your needs behind the needs of another. The lover is passionate and selfless and respectful to their partner. When love turns to obsession this is the damaging flipside of this archetype. Healthy love is supportive yet also leaves room for the other person to pursue separate interests. The lover archetype is cultured with an interest in music, art and literature - so discussion can flow and creative ideas spark between lovers.



Mother Goddess

This Hindu mother goddess will encourage your creativity and bring you good luck if you are pure of heart in your dreams. Her four arms suggest her power over all directions of creation. A symbol of prosperity and wealth - but this is not to be confused with greedy desires - Lakshmi will help you if you help others.

Archetype: The Mother

Lakshmi teaches that for good to come to you, you must send goodness out to others. The mother is not a biological state it is a spiritual state. You can be nurturing and caring towards people and nature without having children yourself.


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