The Power of Feng Shui

Harmonise your home with this ancient Chinese art of earth divination

What is Feng Shui?

Your home should be your haven. So if you find yourself feeling stressed or drained of energy while you're trying to kick back and relax, perhaps you should try feng shui. This ancient art can help you transform your house into a happy, calming home.
Feng shui is an ancient Chinese spiritual and philosophical system of earth divination, dating back more than 3,000 years. It follows the Taoist tradition which states that the earth is a living being filled with energies. The aim of feng shui is to attract positive energies into your home, office, or any space where you spend time. The term feng shui translates as 'wind-water', which refers to the two elements of feng shui which are associated with good fortune and good health, and which best represent the idea of 'chi'. Positive energy is called 'chi' in feng shui, and many of the techniques aim to attract chi, remove blockages of chi and encourage its free flow around the home.

The Power of Feng Shui

In the past, feng shui was used to find the most auspicious spot to locate buildings. This was worked out by taking into account nearby natural features such as rivers or hills and using tools like the astrolabe or compass to calculate the position of planets and stars in relation to the building. The aim was to achieve a balance of yin and yang (masculine and feminine) energy surrounding the building. If the yin and yang were balanced, positive energy could flow freely.
But if there was an imbalance of yin and yang that could not be easily corrected or the house was already built, feng shui practitioners could suggest certain elements to be added to the interior that would improve the flow.
*A well-cared for aquarium placed in an auspicious position can attract prosperity and block negative chi. Place it at the side of a communal living area or in a hallway.
*A water feature in your garden also attracts good energy and is calming to the mind.
*A wind chime by the back door or a window can dispel bad vibes.
*House plants will purify the air in your home and will promote a harmonious atmosphere.

Improve your Feng Shui Energy

Classical feng shui is a complex art, comprising many calculations based on the orientation of your home and its relation to the planets. If you would like the full benefits of feng shui in your home, it is best to consult a qualified practitioner to help you, but there are a few small feng shui-inspired improvements that you can try yourself. Try the following ideas...

Outside your home
If the exterior of your home is lacking in positive chi, you won't be able to feel any benefits inside. So the first step is to look around the outside of your home.
*Tidy weeds and clutter away from the outside of your home
*Repaint the front door and window frames
*Make sure pathways are clear

Doorway (mouth of chi)
The entrance to your home is important because this is where the good chi flows into your home. So make sure there are no dead plants or dustbin bags blocking the doorway and obstructing good chi. Choose an imposing door-knocker, such as a dragon or lion-head brass version, as this is said to chase away any bad energies.

Clear out your clutter so the feeling is one of space (no matter how small) as you step into your hallway.

Living Room
Open your house windows regularly to allow stale energies to escape and new energy to flow inside. Allow lots of natural light into your home. Lighten up dark corners with a mirror - choose an oval shape to attract abundance.

This should be ordered and spotlessly clean. Fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit attracts good chi. The colour yellow, of any hue, is a good choice for the kitchen as it is thought to aid digestion.

Remove electrical devices, such as TVs, computers and phones in your bedroom. Avoid placing your bed under a window. Gentle colours like cream, light pink or light blue are good soothing shades to decorate your bedroom. Have positive photos or paintings on the walls.

Use fresh, clean colours on the bathroom walls, such as icy blue, mint green or white. Make sure the bathroom is well ventilated.


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